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I was wondering if....

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Anyone knew someone or someplace that sold cat perches that were made out of not only sisal and rug but parts of trees as well?
twig my tabby loves to run outside to a tree we have in our yard and it stresses me when he gets outside since he and the rest of our clan are indoor only cats. but he loves this tree and will do anything in his power to run his paws over the bark, so i am looking for this person who I saw selling these, cat perches with real tree mixed in, at a cat show I went to once. Does anyone have any ideas? I am going to a cat show in davenport (IA) on March 3rd to see if I can find them there. that (I think) is where the person was the last time we went to one...I am still kicking myself for not getting it when I had the chance.....
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Hey Barb,
Do you still have the link I sent to you? It's Angelical Cat Co...... It's where we bought our big cat tree from, and it has the bark. At one time, it even had real leaves growing out of it! I'm serious on that, too!
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you make one yourself! It probably wouldn't have to be beautiful, cuz the kiddens will carve it the way they want:tounge2: (sorry, I'm broke and making it's waaaay cheaper!)
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tigger, I think I have the link somewhere.. I'll have to look it up.
Jakenjinx, I would LOVE to make one but unfortunately I am NOT talented at something like that and I wouldn't want to risk the safety of my furbabies! but thanks for the suggestion!
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Making it yourself is definitly a great idea. We made a cat house last year with an old barrel that was cardboard that we found in our basement. We covered it with some old carpet and cut some holes in it. We also added a shelf so their is two levels. It ended up costing us around $25 for the whole thing, and the majority of it was stuff we had in the basement! Give it a shot, its fun to do stuff like that!
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kittyfoot, that is VERY close to what I am after...but it isn't just tree, it has rug and sisal and all that fun stuff on it too. OH I am just kicking myself for not getting it!!!!!!!!!
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