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Gorgeous rescued Peachy Keen has AIDS....

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It's me...Ellen, you know...Sweet Missy LaPurr's mommy and the official Keeper of the Herd.....
I went and got myself a deathrow kitty at the pound Monday...I'd seen her there while scouting dogs for rescue with a friend...her time was up today, so they said when I kept checking her status, that I'd better come get her soon...
I CANNOT go in that place anymore...too much heartache there...
Sadly, this wonderful cat has tested positive for Feline AIDS....normally, I'd've had her euthanized as the ferals I trap with this have all had massive infections going on...abcessed joints, etc... but her health otherwise is excellent and her temperment is beyond compare...truly....she's incredibly laid-back and loving...she was spayed and de-clawed previously...someone's beloved friend, until they gave her away or whatever and she was bitten by an infected cat...sh'es been out on the streets for awhile...her pawpads are worn...
We scanned her at the vet clinic, didn't find a microchip...doubtful if she's a false positive due to receiving the FIV vaccine...my vet said she rarely administers that around here...it would be $108 to due the new test on her to check if she's positive due to vaccine or having the virus itself...my vet called the company that's come out with this new test...
This disease is very much a direct contact issue, right????...bite wounds...
I won't pet Peachy, then pet another kitty and spread it?...I don't think so...
She's about 7 yrs old, according to my vet....
I've named her Princess Peachy Keen....
Until I can place her in a special home, she'll have to hang out in an extra large pet porter here...I'll make her a really plushy apartment...cannot turn her free with the other kitties...she says they're all thugs and commoners anyway...
I had to Frontline her of course.....
Peachy Keen's very striking, with green eyes, blonde and greyish and white fur...really unusual coloring...like a dilute torbie (tortoiseshell tabby)..
Anyone know anybody in the Central VA area who's looking to adopt a special needs, one-of-a-kind-gorgeous kitty????
I hate to keep her confined...she's such a personality...she walked out of the carrier at the shelter and laid down next to me...on their couch in the waiting area...cool as a cucumber!!! Graciously allowed my friend's toddler to pat her head..
She'd be a fabulous shop kitty...
There's a strong spirit in her...she was patiently sitting in the front of her cage at the pound...giving a polite meow to her admirers...she has a lot of story to tell with her eyes....
Ellen the ANIMAL NUT!!!! I've lost my marbles over this one...what a sap I am....
If anyone wants to see her photo, I can email it to them....
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I wish I could take her, but I have my princess, Bodi. My last kitty, Sammy, was positive. He was allowed out the first two and a half years of his life or so, and I found out he was FIV when he was 14. He lived to over 18.
My heart goes out to you -- not able to keep this wonderful girl.
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Ellen....unfortunately there is still a LOT of misunderstanding about FIV.but you may find the article below helpful:


FIV Facts

1. The Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus is a slow virus that affects a cat's immune system over a period of years.

2. FIV is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines.

3. FIV cats most often live long, healthy, and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.

4. FIV is not easily passed between cats. It cannot be spread casually - like in litter boxes, water and food bowls, or when snuggling and playing. It is rarely spread from a mother to her kittens.

5. The virus can be spread through blood transfusions, badly infected gums, or serious, penetrating bite wounds. (Bite wounds of this kind are extremely rare, except in free-roaming, unneutered tomcats.)

6. A neutered cat, in a home, is extremely unlikely to infect other cats, if properly introduced.

7. Many vets are not educated about FIV since the virus was only discovered 15 years ago.

8. FIV-positive cats should be kept as healthy as possible. Keep them indoors and free from stress, feed them a high-quality diet, keep and treat any secondary problems as soon as they arise.

Also...here is a recent story about an FIV+ cat that was adopted from Best Friends:

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This is a sanctuary in Virginia..worth a try:

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I`m praying that Princess Peachy Keen will find a forever home where she can be well cared for as an inside kitty...and that she will live a long, long life!
Let us know when you find a place for her, will you?
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Thanks for the excellent information!! I guess Peachy Keen came into my life to teach me about this condition...things always seem to happen that way, you know what I mean???
She was being treated at the pound for a respiratory infection..she's sneezed four times this evening..so I'm calling the vet in the a.m. about putting her back on the medication...I guess the stress of moving her has jeopardized her immune system..
My kitties have had a slight case of the sneezies recently too..hard to tell which she has, guess it doesn't matter...needs to be treated either way....
Would some plain yogurt be good for her??? I could mix some in her beloved canned food...she's actually eating dry food for me too...I spritz the top layer with water, to soften it...
I'm using Science Diet...my kitties seem to do very well on that...
I'm going to find her a local home...I KNOW there's a special person out there for Peachy Keen...or she can stay here...she doesn't strike me as a biter at all..."much too classy for that behavior!", she would say...just content to lie on you lap and hear how beautiful she is....
She really IS peach-colored...and softest dove-grey and white, with fluffy, long hair and light green eyes....
Will keep you all updated...
Ellen and Peachy Keen
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You might be interested in this diary of a cat who has to live indoors with this illness but is doing very well. I never miss this cat's weekly notes. <g>:

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Thanks for the link!!! It's excellent!!!!!!

Meows from Peachy Keen and Ellen the Artist
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I'm thinking Peachy Keen is alot older than the guess of 7 or 8 yrs...she reminds me VERY much in activity and attitude (and how she carries herself) of my beloved 16 yr. DLH torbie, Potpourri the Fairy Princess Kitty....
She's only sneezed twice today..I'm keeping an eagle-eye on that...she's loving her dry and canned cat foods....resting well...
She did some kind of weird growling thing today...when I IMMEDIATELY checked on her, she said she was fine...I'll have to keep an extra close eye on her...she was hanging out in her "apartment"..no other kitty was bothering her whatsoever...I'm thinking she has something going on...maybe arthritis, maybe vision problem, who knows...I definitely got one of those "red flag" feelings....groan....
Will keep you all updated...
Ellen and Peachy
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Peachy Keen can look forward to a pretty much normal life. A lot of my friends have FIV cats and they live just as long as any other cats. The only thing is that they are prone to mouth problems and often need to have all their teeth pulled sooner or later. But they don't seem to miss their teeth at all. Otherwise they live normal lives and don't really have any more health problems than other cats.
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I wish you the best with this cat.
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Thanks for all the good vibes!! Peachy Keen says "Meow!" to everyone...her favorite thing is getting her hair done..as in combed out...she'll lie on my lap and just soak up the grooming...I tell her how beautiful she is...and give her kitty hugs and kisses on the nose...
She's not too impressed with the other kitties...I've let her sniff noses with a couple and she does this calmly, then gives them a hiss...says, "This human's lap is all mine!!".
She loves having her own kitty apartment set-up...space to call her very own....
She needs about a year to get in a nice haircoat...hers is dry and dull...who knows what she was eating for so long while she was on the streets, scratching out a living...I'm hoping, even though she has FIV, that her coat will bloom with good nutrition...I have an FIV negative kitty, Princess Violet Isabella Valentine, that I got in horrible condition, and it took her a year to really get a totally new and beautiful coat...she's a fluffy "Princess" kitty like Peachy is...hates to get combed though...says I get her hair out of order!!! Humpf!!!!
Pats to Everyones' kitties,
Ellen and Princess Peachy Keen
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My dear little Fred, recently passed to the Bridge had FIV. He was not a biter, and never passed it to any of the other cats. We do not know how long he had it. He live to be nearly 18, and was as healthy as any elderly cat. He began to deteriorate quickly, and we had to make the hard decision to end his pain. If I had done what one vet suggested, I would have missed out on 8 wonderful years with my precious littl soul mate kitty. I researched the disease, and knowing Fred, I knew that he would not pass it on, and he didn't.
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Peachy Keen's doing something that has me worried...
She'll be lounging in her large kitty "apartment" I fixed up for her...I'll be painting on my portrait or something, and SUDDENLY there are these horribly loud catfight sounds coming from her large pet porter!!!! I rush there in a couple seconds and can see nothing amiss..no other kitties are involved whatsoever....
I'm worried she's developed lesions on her brain, or seizures, or something...can't human AIDS patients get lesions on their brains??????
I've an urgent email message in to her veterinarian....
This has happened at least six times lately that I've heard and I work full time....
She seems very mellow and content otherwise...very weird....
I'm very worried for her....
Any input would be great,
Thanks from,
Ellen and Peachy
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Hugs, Ellen,
I see you are up to your heroic ways again, I wish I was there to help you.
Having owned the world's best FIV kitty, Freddie, in 2003 (RIP 11/9/03 ) I can tell you that each case is indeed different. The core of the disease is the reduced and compromised immunity system to the kitty, so everything and anything can "get through" normally healthy barriers.....and you did right by calling your vet urgently. Big hugs and lots of prayers to you, always,
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Originally Posted by ellentheartist
I CANNOT go in that place anymore...too much heartache there...
Sadly, this wonderful cat has tested positive for Feline AIDS....normally, I'd've had her euthanized as the ferals I trap with this have all had massive infections going on...abcessed joints, etc... but her health otherwise is excellent and her temperment is beyond compare...truly....she's incredibly laid-back and loving...she was spayed and de-clawed previously...someone's beloved friend, until they gave her away or whatever and she was bitten by an infected cat...sh'es been out on the streets for awhile...her pawpads are worn...
i read in Pat Wimmer's cat book that mega c plus powder would help turn a cat from positive to negative for the virus. it's worth a try - you might consider treating her with it.
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Wow..I'll look into that supplement...
I've learned this behavior of Peachy's may be due to a problem with her anal glands...will investigate this further....
Will keep you all updated!!!!
Pats to all your kitty (and doggy) friends!!!!!
Ellen and Peachy Keen and the Herd
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Hi thank you for caring about this wee FIV baby.
I have 4 FIV cats here with me in my home. Some folks including vets were very surprised that I condoned this practice and some suggested my FIV cats should have been euthanased. I studied the complex as a lay person and I am by no manner an expert but I don't believe after all my research that FIV is NOT an automatic death sentence.

I have all my cats on ESSIAC in their water bowls the FIV positive cats get 30 ml's per day or near to that as I can manage.They all get a big dollop of pro biotic organic yoghurt each morning too, to aid digestion and help the gut flora.
They are all indoor cats with access to a huge enclosed garden.I think that because they have safe access to the out side it relieves stress and any boredom that may occur.
They all are on Royal Canin Sensible and seem to thrive on it.
I don't vaccinate every year.(I have a bee in my bonnet about vaccinating any cat yearly but that's for another time.
I did vaccinate every 3 years up till the age of 6 then I stopped vaccinating the older cats. (This needs to be discussed with your vet, I would not recommend you do this because I have said so.
I avoid the over usage of antibiotics. Most of mine are relatively healthy but Alice did pick up a flu virus. She had no temp but sneezed a bit (Clear not infected discharge) We treated her palativley. I find in Ireland that some vets throw anti biotic's at cats whether they need them or not and as we know unless there is a secondary bacterial infection anti biotic's are ineffective against a virus.
I rode the storm with her using homeopathy and Camomile tea!!!!.
I also try and steer clear of non essential steroid preparations. It was suggested that we put Ruffu's who has the later stages of FIV on steroids to help his chest, it can become a little congested. Again no temp not off his food, so I used postural drainage to help clear his chest in the morning. Physio for cats.I sometime do it in the laundry room if he is a very wheezy when the dryer in on.
I am great believer in Feli way it seems to work here with 11 cats we need a happy house hold and I like to keep my cats as chilled and relaxed as possible.So hubby does not divorce me.
Now I am not a vet and to cover my ass none of the above has any scientific proven results. But it may give you hope that an FIV cat may live as long and as happy as a non FIV cat side by side in a multi cat household.

Jan X
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I've noticed that cats who have lived on the streets for an extended period will often yowl and hiss viciously when merely APPROACHED by other cats -- a warning shot across the bow of potential attackers, I think. It may be that Peachy is just saying, in Felinese, "One step closer and I'll have you for lunch, buddy!" :-)
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Thanks for the wonderful advice!!! I'll definitely consider everything everyone's been so gracious to share with myself and Peachy Keen...
She's certainly a "shot across the bow" kind of gal...she'll give the other kitties a whack with her fluffy white mitten paw and they believe her when she tells them to "take a hike!!!"
She's such a character...would let me comb her for hours, I think...LOVES to go to the kitty beauty parlor...
Peachy's not repeated the strange behavior for over two days now..I had a family emergency today, so couldn't get with her vet...my brother has a difficult seizure disorder and we were in the ER much of the day..he's home now...has radial nerve damage in his right arm...he's right handed, naturally....
Yeesh...when it rains it pours...
Will keep you all updated,
Pats to the Kitties,
Ellen and Peachy and the Herd
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Well, Peachy Keen is doing very well now!!! No more yowling episodes...her tooth problem is much improved...may have to have dental work in the future, but for now, she's GREAT!!!
I'm feeding her chicken baby food and canned cat food, at least the flavors she finds ACCEPTABLE....
She eats her food by scooping it out of the dish and licking it off her pawpads..uses her right paw always...have you ever seen one of those pet TV videos showing a cat eating from a spoon that's held by a velcro strap to its little wrist?? That's exactly what she does...she just doesn't need the spoon...very dainty dining manners...
I've been working like a maniac on a painting..and Peachy's favorite thing is to sleep on the pillow I have propped up behind my back/neck..pressed right up against me!!!! Oftentimes, a fluffy little paw is draped right past me...
She's such a FABULOUS KITTY!!!!!!!!
Heaps of Meows,
Ellen and Peachy Keen and the Herd
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Many years ago, before I had 4 kids of my own, I babysat for someone with 5 kids. There kitty had babies, and they kept all the kittens. One was a long-haired calico. She was so naughty, she would get into the kitchen cupboards and rip open the catfood and eat. Always left a big mess. But oh, when she needed a drink of water, she would dip her paw into the water bowl, fine as you please, and lick it off. She looked like a fancy lady, and held herself so proper. Oh, I wish I could remember her name. It was a man's name-maybe Harold. Such a funny girl she was, and the kids were very sweet, too!

I am following the story of Peachy Keen. Sounds promising, so far. She really lucked out when she chose you!
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Thanks...I think I lucked out too...she's quite the character in her own genteel, elegant and understated way...and the eating canned food off the paw thing!!??!!! Incredible...
Maybe in another life, she was an aristocrat who had fancy luncheons with sterling silver tea services...
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How do you put photographs into your replies??? I want to have a couple of my kitties in my messages, like everyone else does..
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Originally Posted by ellentheartist
How do you put photographs into your replies??? I want to have a couple of my kitties in my messages, like everyone else does..
that's done in the 'user cp' section - it's a signature. mine is a montage i made, & then uploaded to photobucket, but there are a bunch of siggy makers - check out this thread. you can send them your pics & they'll make you a sig that fits the rules.
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So are we to assume, Miss Ellen, that you have decided to keep sweet Peachy for your very own?
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You got that right...Princess Peachy Keen is my friend...I felt that mental connection when standing in front of her cage at the shelter...I KNEW this cat was gonna end up with me...she's an old soul, I think....quite clear in what she's thinking...
We get along well...I feel like I've known her for years...weird.....and even though I've a herd, she's truly unique...I'll take some new photos of her and pick one and try to do the "signature" thing when I get some time soon...she's an extremely unusual color combination...
Heaps of Meows,
Ellen and Peachy Keen and Sweet Missy LaPurr and the rest of the Herd
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Peachy's doing well...just wanted to check in with everyone and update you...she's an alpha personality, regarding the other kitties...if they try and share my lap, she'll give them a whap with her little paw...except for Maybelline...they seem to have an understanding and can share my lap without any problems....
Pats to all your kitties,
Ellen and the Herd
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That is so sad poor thing. Peachy I hope things work out
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Id Love to see pictures!! Im picturing her as such a regal figure. Im glad shes doing so well with your love!!
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