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Peaches-N-Cream is fine!

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Months ago, I trapped a feral in my yard, and the night I trapped him, his companion Peaches-N-Cream was injured. I believe it was a fight with a raccoon over the salmon I baited the traps with. I saw her, with blood dripping down from her left eye. She was feral enough that she would let us see her when we were putting out the food, but she would never get closer than 10 feet from us.

She would not let me get close to her, so I could not take her to the vet. The injury did not look life threatening with treatment, but I feared she would get an infection in that eye, which would be life threatening. After seeing her that night, I did not see her again until about a month ago, when I saw something pale and feral in my garage, but it was gone so quick I could not identify if it was white, or white and beige (peach).

Last night I walked into the garage, to clearly see Peaches! She is alive and well! She ran off pretty quickly, but now I know she is alive!

Once TCS is up to full capacity I can search and get more accurate dates, but for now I just know that a cat that has been missing for months is really right there at home, just laying low. I did not see her face, but could see she is a good weight and is clean.

Doing the happy dance Thanks for all the prayers and vibes from the TCS family-I am sure that is what pulled her through!
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Here's a TCS celebration dance!! WOOHOO! Bless you for keeping the faith!! It DID help Peaches beat the odds!
What a wonderful post - it sure lifts my spirits, reading the great news! Thank you so much for the update!
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