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Cat has GAS!

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A friend of mine adopted a 5-6 month old female, spayed who has bouts of "room clearing" gas. Sh'es trying to avoid wheat and soy in the diet and the vet is helping her try some other foods. She's currently eating triumph wet and natural balance dry.

I suggested trying a few days of stage one baby food chicken flavor to let her digestive tract rest and then consider introducing a single protein single carb allergy food.

Anyone have other thoughts?
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Has the kitten had gas since it has been with your freind?? If so try a simplier food ... one meat one grain natural balence makes a venison and pea which is great...If it is a new thig kitty needs to go to the vet
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Do any mod's know of previous threads on this subject they could point me to?
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I dont know ofd any threads and am not a mod but you cant serch gas and see if it pulls threads..
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I tried searching and it said searching eas disabled....

The cat has had gas since they brought it home but has improved somewhat after switching the wet food from friskies to triumph.
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the gas producers I know of in cats are soy chn wheat and corn
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When we got our Tedy he had that kind of gas...it was awful! Seriously it was enough sometime to make you gag. We switched the cats off the cheaper cat foods to Nutro Natural Choice and the gas was somewhat better....but now that we`ve switched a few weeks back to Purina One we have had NO PROBLEM with him doing that at all!!!
That was a very PLEASANT surprise!
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