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The always-happy kitty

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Do any of you have a cat who is always, always happy?

Cosette is that cat for me. She is ALWAYS purring- when she's sleeping, when she's eating, when she's playing, when she's thinking of ways to torment her big sis. She probably even purrs when she goes to the bathroom, though I won't get close enough to test out that theory . I have come to the conclusion that she is just a very happy-natured cat .
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Lola is always happy. She's even happy at the Vet! She's happy when she's eating and sleeping and climbing all over her mommy...she's happy when she attacks my feet every morning. She pretty much is always in the mood to be picked up and cuddled...I remember that even after her spay, she'd sit there in her iso unit and mew at us to come snuggle with her. She was even happy when all the other kittens in the litter we merged her with (she was abandoned) beat up on her!

Leo on the other hand is quite stoic...but we all know that he's quite a softy underneath!
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That was the way my RB kitty Muggins was she was always a happy girl
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Harley seems happy all the time, he's always purring, even while he's being a terror-I think thats when he's the happiest!
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Peter's my happy guy. I can hear him purring from across the room and wake up hearing it at night. It's music to my ears considering what a scared little boy he used to be.
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Oh yes. Rocky is my good-natured lovable imp. He is always purring and he headbutts like a tank! He then flops right over on his back for you. Its so weird. He just drops wherever he is when his humans come by..Its a submissive thing I think and an "ahhhh..belly skritch time" kind of thing...

Lovey is generally the opposite and simply tolerates humans other than me.
Oh well.
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Hehe, not to detract from the sometimes or always grumpy kitties (that is, after all, one of the things we love so much about 'em!), but it's nice to have an always-happy kitty on hand to get you through a bad day . You can't ever be completely sad or angry when there's a purring kitty nearby!
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Pixie seems to be very good natured (we've only had her 2 months). She's always ready to jump, play and run and purrs quite loudly. And she's always flopping, and not very gracefully I might add , over for some belly rubs or to be picked up.
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Muffin is that way. My vet says he is the only cat he has ever seen that purrs when he is getting a needle stuck in him. Now Speedboat, that is another story. He can't be trusted too much because he changes his mind in an instant.
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My girls are always fussy and demanding. But I love them just the way they are.

I've had really happy fosters though, you gotta love kittens that purr when you pick them up.
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Cupid's happiest when he's being touched. It's funny because if I touch him with just one finger, he'll start purring and if I move my hand away he'll stop. He purrs on his own, but he's rarely on his own when I'm home. He rolls over when I talk to him. If he's sitting on the floor and I say hi, he'll roll over and 'squeak.'
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JC is our happy guy! We call him "the purr-box Master" because he is so good at it. My vet says that if ever a cat should be cloned, he should be it because he is so friendly & good-natured. When JC is around, even the chickens are smiling..
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Shadow is always happy....i have never seen him get mad once.....the only time he has ever hissed was the first time he saw our dogs...but now he is a happy kitten
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KAYLEE! whoa, infact in the last month i have only heard teufel purr once and its really upsetting!

kaylee purrs all day long, i love them both to bits! i just wish teufel would be happier

Ben called today so i put him on the loud speaker, teufel came running and was sniffing into the phone aww it seriously broke my heart
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Festus' Momma Miss Kitty/aka Jasmine was the happiest girl. She purred when she was in labor! Festus is rather crochety at times, and has a very whiney meow. So when she graces me with the honor of sitting on my lap and purring, it is a real treat!

Garfield doesn't purr much, but he is such a happy boy. Almost always ready to flop on his back for loving, or give you a chin rub.

I would say Sugartoes is more stoic. Hopefully she will find a happy home where she can be the apple of someone's eye, and live happily ever after. She is never crabby, just seems like she is still looking for her person.
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Oliver is very happy, but also very needy! He needs my attention 24/7!
Emma is very mercurial--she can go from purring to crankypants in .5 seconds!
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I would say Tola is pretty happy and content. She purrs and kneads the minute I talk to her, and especially pet her. She's always looking at me expectantly. And the BEST thing about her is that she lets me sleep in the morning, and patiently waits until I get up to feed her. Gone are the days of the unhappy horrible gutteral meows that I was so frightened of!! LOL.
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When rambo was little he was my happy man. The doctor had to try and distract him so she could hear his heartbeat cause he was purring too loud. He's still my cuddle bum but i think Lucky torments him a bit too much...and he's taking on the more serious roll of exterminator of insects in my new house's basement! (big job but someone's gotta do it!) Lucky is my princess...she has to be the centre of attention all the time. If she's the centre she's the happiest girl in the world...if will hear about it!

I love them both to death and wouldn't change a thing!!
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Ziggy's nickname is "Mr. Happy". He always is happy to see you, let you pet him, purrs, rubs up against you. Within the first 45 minutes of having him home, he was laying on his back and purring! The day after we got him, he greeted me when I got home by jumping on my chest (I was sitting down) and knocking me backwards while he rubbed his face all over mine - inter mingled with headbutting. I felt like I had actually brought a dog home.
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Oscar is always mad at something! His tail always flops. It flops when he eats, sleeps, plays....ALL THE TIME! I wish I had a happy cat
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Both my orange boys are always happy, but in different ways. Tailer is a very laid-back content sort. He's always purring...usually very he saunters around and naps on any available piece of furniture. He's the laying in a hammock listening to Buffet type.

Forest, on the other hand, is the exuberantly happy one. He gets so excited about every little thing. His ears perk up and his eyes get real bright, and he comes dashing (well...wobbling quickly) to investigate. One of my favorite things is to bring home a huge handful of his favorite white, sparkly pouffy balls from the pet store and toss them all in the middle of the floor at once. He absolutely goes into paroxysms of delight!

Harvey, though, is the grumpy old man of the house. He always looks somewhat disgruntled.
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Originally Posted by Talon
Ziggy's nickname is "Mr. Happy". He always is happy to see you, let you pet him, purrs, rubs up against you. Within the first 45 minutes of having him home, he was laying on his back and purring! The day after we got him, he greeted me when I got home by jumping on my chest (I was sitting down) and knocking me backwards while he rubbed his face all over mine - inter mingled with headbutting. I felt like I had actually brought a dog home.
Ziggy sounds so unbelieveably sweet .
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Carly is the happy lover in our household. Ever since we got her last February, she is the most loving cat. She loves to be held and press her forehead into the side of my head and just purr. She will use her paw to turn my nose so she can lick it. Carly hasn't ever hissed at us, bit in anger or growled (she does sometimes do love nips). She just stares at Lucy when Lucy comes up and whacks and hisses. (Lucy is the contrary one. She isn't aggressive, just down-right moody).

Carly also just loves everybody. When we've had heating and repair people here, she will just follow them around, keeping them company and stealing nuzzles when she can. One electrician sat petting her for about 10 minutes while he talked to my husband on the phone. She was totally happy.

Carly does get talkative when she thinks it is time to eat but it always sounds more like "come on, be nice and feed me , you know I love you"
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Tedy always seems to be happy....Toby is a bit more moody.
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Well, this is a very easy question for me to answer! Sash is definitley a always happy kitty, no doubt about it. That boy just glows with happiness and I do too whenever I'm around him.
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Sumo was my happy one. He was always content, constantly purring!! The second we would touch him, he would be purring. And he was also pretty needy, I think, because he followed me everywhere. I loved him so much (we had to say goodbye to him in August).

Geisha and Kuri are both more independent and I can't exactly tell whether they are happy or not, as they both like to do their own thing and sometimes I have no idea where they are in the apartment (usually in the bedroom while I'm in the living room), although Kuri is much more affectionate than both Geisha and Sumo.
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Milla and Timotei. I reckon Timotei is just too dim to be angry (He's the original gentle giant, actually ) and Milla's just too sweet.
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