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Does anyone else's cat...

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like watching TV? My own three have never seemed interested, but my foster kitten, Jessie, seems fascinated. I brought a portable TV into the foster room and turned it on the other day and she just stood on the floor and stared up at it. Last night, when the TV was off, she jumped up on the table and started pawing at the screen and meowing. When I turned the TV on she settled down in a chair and seemed very content watching an old episode of "Friends." Maybe the noise or the voices comfort her somethow? Anyway, I left the TV on for her this morning, so she can watch talk shows and soaps all day while I'm at work. Does anyone else's cat do this?
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Snickers watches TV all the time. He seems VERY interested, and if you block his view? He'll crane his neck of jump off the sofa & go sit in front of the TV!

He likes "Homeward Bound" (a crush on Sassy I think) and also animated flicks. He was really interested in Monsters, Inc. the other night.

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Alfie likes watching tv (Max can't sit still long enough to notice the huge grey box in the corner!). Alfie especially loves the opening titles for Startrek Voyager

I'll have to find one of those cat dvds some time, I'm sure he'd love it!
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We have the tv on most of the time, even if we're not watching and Sleeves normally doesn't seem to notice it, then all of a sudden he'll look over at it, as if to say 'where the hell did that come from?' and then just sit there and stare, or walk up and paw it. Its so funny. Then he forgets about it until a few days later when the same thing happens.
Its good that your kitten feels soothed by it though.
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The DQs could care less, though Eppie LOVES the Catsitter video. Otherwise, the only time they seem at all interested is when Bradley is watching one of those hunting shows where they use a bird call- that drives the cats nuts because they want to know where the birdie in the house is!

Eileen, Jessie sounds too precious. I love these kitty TV-watching stories!
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what are these cat videos everybody talks about?
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Originally Posted by Pombina
what are these cat videos everybody talks about?
There are seceral types of cat DVDs that have (usually animated) birds, mice, etc... that run across and around the screen and make noises - like a kitty sitter for while youre away for the day... my aunt has one for her deaf cat, Princess Maple, and even though she can't hear the sounds, she races around the back of the tv looking for where all the animals and bugs went! I'm thinking about getting one for Oliver...

As for Oliver and tv, he LOVES it (defintiely a tv junkie like his mommy).... he especially likes any sports and animal planet... the tv is always on here (except when the sleep timer goes off after we fall asleep) and gets switched to animal planet, if we're not already watching it, when I leave for class and such... a few months ago I caught him trying to chase a shrew on the screen, haha.. his "daddy" (my bf, Jim) bought him Oliver Twist already and, shhhhh, but he's getting Oliver and Company and some garfield or heathcliff movies for Christmas....
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When Pete Pete & The Boy were babies, they had a video called Video Catnip that absolutely enthralled them. I would have to drag a chair over in front of the TV so they could sit in front of the screen. Sometimes they would even try to "stalk" the chipmunks in the video, run behind the TV & be startled that the chipmunk wasn't there! I lost the video in a long-ago move, but lately the Boy has shown interest in nature programs. The other night I couldn't tear him away from a National Geographic show about lions! If you're looking for cat videos, has some (the previously-used ones have decent prices)
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When my boys were little, they loved watching animal planet. Maggie who is only 6 months old gets intrested sometimes. However, she LOVES to "help" me when I'm on the computer, especially when I play roller coaster tycon.
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Tonka watches the Nascar races with me but if a commercial comes on, he looks away or grabs a few biscuits from his dry food bowl. Once the race comes back on, he watches again. LOL
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they sound great! where do you get them? can you order them on the net?
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I've seen the videos at Petsmart, in the back where they keep the books and where the grooming people are. I haven't bothered with them b/c we live in the country with critters galore outside for watching.
Rocky likes to hang out while I watch TV sometimes, but I'm not sure how much he pays attention.
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Louie every once in a while will follow the movements on the TV and even try to catch whatever's moving. It's so cute to watch.
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Mine don`t pay too much attention to TV unless there is a bug or fly that lands on the screen....but I do try to drive them crazy sometimes by going to a birld call site on the puter and play bird calls....they run around and up on everything looking and stalking and ducking tryingto find the birds! (Really funny!)
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Iris is the only one of our two that pays attention to the TV, but usually watches only if there's something moving around noticeably. However, she loves to perch on my desk when I'm on the computer. She goes wild over the cursors, the arrow, the moving emoticons, etc. In fact, the only reason I'm not being hounded right now is because the little miss is taking a nap!
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Blaze LOVES to watch hunting shows with her Daddy.Something about the sounds of Turkey and Deer make her want to watch it.She will stand on her hind legs to watch it.
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Or does anyone know if there are downloadable kitty videos from the net to play on the computer?
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Originally Posted by Purity
Alfie especially loves the opening titles for Startrek Voyager
LOL, Miss Kitty loves the opening sequence of Alias. Never fails to get her attention, no matter where she is.

A friend of mine and I were discussing this very topic the other day. We were trying to figure out cognatively what cats are seeing when they watch TV. Are they just responding to the flashes and movement, or do they recognize, "that's a person" or "that's a bird"? We came to the conclusion that it's the former, and the sound that draws them in.

When I first got Miss Kitty she watched a lot more TV - she seemed fascinated by it. Now things definately get her attention, like the Alias theme like I said above ("24" too - must be the bass beats), but she doesn't watch it like she used to.

I work the graveyard shift, and I always leave the TV on when I go. I tend to switch between Nick at Nite and Animal Planet. I like to think the noise keeps her company. I also make sure that she has a dark/quiet room to go to as well, so she can choose what she'd like to do. I also fall asleep with the TV on and use the sleep timer like Oliver's mommy - Miss Kitty usually comes to bed soon after it shuts off. I used to bring her to bed with me, but now she comes herself - I find she likes to take a few bites of food, potty, and then wash herself before she's ready to sleep.

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My cats do that as well. Cleo particularly enjoys watching Animal Planet. She's quite fond of the bird shows and stalks the TV and does that whole funny mouth moving thing when she sees them on TV.
I have some video of it, but not sure if I can upload it here.
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One of my parents' cats, Sassy (a gorgeous longhaired calico my mom named after the kitty in Homeward Bound), always watches the ABC Nightly News with them. She hops up on the sofa with Mom and settles in for the entire program. She'll stay around for most of the local news, too, and seems particularly interested in the weather -- but when they go to sports, she's outta there.

Last week, my Clyde watched most of The West Wing with me, but Pearl didn't seem to be interested. Maybe she's a Republican...
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My 1 year old, Sofia, and my kitten, Keef, both watch tv. I had to ban Animal Planet though because of an episode about how lions stalk and kill their prey that gave the young and impressionable Sofia some not very kind ideas about what to do to her elder roommate Sabina.

I used tv to help socialize Sofia actually (cable movie channels) - got her used to hearing all kinds of noises and she isn't nearly as much of a "scaredy-cat" as she used to be.

I noticed they don't like when I have the surround sound on. It must confuse them - Sofia leaves the room.

Sabina, my eldest cat, started off on Sesame Street and Speed Racer while I was in college, but that's a looong story.

A movie is on right now and Keef just stepped on the remote and changed the channel. Wonder if that was deliberate or not...hmmm.

I've thought about those cat-dvds but wonder if they'd really like it...
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