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Happy Birthday, Clare! (Purity)

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Happy Birthday, Clare!

I hope you have a great day filled with lots of love and laughter!

I hope Max and Alfie do well at the vets today too!
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Thank you!!

One year closer to thirty eek!

Dropped the boys off at 8am this morning, bless them they were good as gold on the journey there!
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You're very welcome! You're not that near thirty!

Awww, bless them! I bet your house feels empty now - but they'll be home in no time at all!

So, have you opened your presents yet?!
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House feels very empty, and very quiet without Max jumping around everywhere. It's very strange to be able to use the computer without Alfie sitting on it/in front of it /on me/chasing the mouse too

I've put all my cards up, ready to be knocked down and chewed when the boys get home!
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Aww, I bet you do miss them! It's funny how we all miss the chaos!

They're going to have so much fun knocking down your cards when they get home!

Did you find someone to have lunch with today to keep you distracted?!
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I'm going to see my Dad later, so I'm sure I can twist his arm and get him down the pub! Have to get out otherwise I'll be staring at the phone all day, it's worse than waiting for a date to call you back! I'm sure a quick pint will calm the nerves
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I'm sure your Dad will be easily persuaded with the pub!! Whose Dad wouldn't be (or Mum, too, in my case!! )

A pint or two might solve the nerves and make the time fly by!

I know what you mean about the phone! When Tibby was done, I was on the net trying to distract myself and every time I disconnected, I did 1571 to see if i'd had a call!!
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Happy Birthday from me and my "boys" too!
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happy birthday!
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Happy birthday Clare!!!

I'll be saying a prayer for Max and Alfie today .
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Thank you Cazx, thank you Amy

Spoken to the vet who tells me Alfie is fine but a few problems with Max. He had a retained testicle for which they had to do a bigger cut to remove, and he had some weak muscles in his abdomen where his hernia was, so the surgeon has cut away some muscle and sewed the other pieces together. All sounds very scarey, but I'm told he's fine now and there should be no lasting or long term effects. Going to pick them up in just over an hour
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Good news on your little boys. Sorry there was a slight complication with Max
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Thanks Chris

I think the hardest part with boys is going to be putting the vets advice into practice....."keep them quiet and restful for about 10 days"!!! Max doesn't know the meaning of the word, he thinks he'll spontaenously combust if he sits still for more than 2 minutes
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Happy Birthday!
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¡¡¡¡¡Happy Birthday to you!!
¡¡¡¡ Make this day the best!!!!

¡¡¡Many happy Returns!!!
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Have a brilliant birthday Clare!!!

Another scorpion!!
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, Clare! Many happy returns! How are the boys doing now? Still groggy?
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Happy Birthday, Clare!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day and a speedy recovery for the kitties!
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Have a great day!!
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