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Bored kitty,,,,,,,

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Hi, Can cats get bored at times and just lay around? Seems like Tuffy has been that way lately, unless he isn't feeling good again. On the other hand Angel when she gets bored will go bug the dog till the dog chases her or bug Missy, our other girl cat, till Missy runs than Angel will chase her then turn around and run so Missy chases her. Angel is so smart compaired to the other cats. We have a big fish tank and Angel will sit on the floor about 10 ft from the tank, which is sitting on a piano bench, and when the fish are watching her she will charge the tank to watch the fish scatter, never a dull moment with Angel around.
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Yes they can get bored, like us they do need stimulation.

But don't forget cats sleep / doze up to 22 hours a day so he's just being catty (lol)...

There are some great interactive toys on the market that he probably won't be able to resist if you dangle them in front of him - Da Bird, the Cat Dancer, Thing-In-A-Bag amongst others.

How old is he?
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Out Toby is pretty smart too....and I think these cats get bored more easily. Just my opinion maybe.
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