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sex AND the city

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i wanted to start a thread or, re-start a thread about this because this is such a fabulous show
and i know there are others here who love it!

we rented the second season on VHS and are almost through the third tape already !

i'm also keeping up with the new episodes every friday so you dont have to tape them and
send them to me Colby (whew!!)

one of the last ones i saw from the tapes was the one about being "single & fabulous!?"

= question mark vs. exclamation point =

i thought it was an interesting episode, if not thought provoking & slightly depressing, really.

how dependant are we on the people already in our lives / (...beds) or the people we are
seeking out to fill that position ?

and does anyone truly feel good alone, on their own?

thoughts on this?


by the way, since this is a girly type thread, i think i might change my hair completely and get a wavey,
(not permed but wavey) more lenghthy look... with highlights, even!
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I really enjoyed being single, and if God willing, I were to become single again, I would adjust to that and eventually embrace it again. I like being in a relationship, the waking up next to your loved one, spending a lazy sunday with them, going for long walks, etc. I think there are pros and cons to both. But to answer your question (the long way around) I think I truelly felt good being single. I loved the freedom and spontenaity. It's more fun when you're younger though.

I know I've seen the episode you're talking about but I can't remember the specifics.

And I think you should change your hair! It's always fun to do something new.
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I think you should go for it! I am thinking about doing something different with my hair, too. Not cutting it though, it is to my waist, and hubby likes it that way.

By the way...I have missed the last few episodes of Sex & the city...

Miranda had her baby right? Was it a girl? What did she name it? She did tell Steve about it, didn't she?

What happened with Adrian??? Last show I watched they were splitting up because she couldn't commit to marry him, but then I saw preveiws that showed he had cheated on her or something....did he??? With who???
Anything else I should know??

The reason it is hard for me to watch this show, is because Hubby nd I had to divide our TV nights, several years ago, because it was causing too many fights over what to watch. We don't like the same things.
It didn't matter before we moved to the country, because we had 2 tv's, but now we don't have cable hookup in the bedroom, so we split the nights... he gets Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday...I get Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.. We somehow manage to share saturdays...we rent alot of movies..:laughing:
So Sex & the city is on his night. So unless he falls asleep, I am screwed.
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Oh forgot to add...I can't tape it either...we have dishnetwork, and can't tape one show and watch another. It stinks.
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It's more fun when you're younger though.

that's a good point, indeed, i know, for me, it's hard to raise speculation as i'm comfortable being "single" but there are two factors factoring into that.

i am young, and the scales in my life are balancing well on this, it's a non-issue.
it's not something i want or feel a need for right now.

secondly, being around cameron much of the time is like being in a relationship in itself,
there is a similar intimacy, a familiar smile behind a coveted cup of coffee in the morning,
we spend the nights together and he cooks for me, he is there for me everyday so i know i am not
really completely single or rather ...alone.

maybe i equate one with the other, do we all?
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that sucks, Debby, do they come out on video there? maybe you could rent the third season when it's over and comes out, and watch the ones you missed?

i know that Miranda is having a boy, and she hasnt had him yet, she's been struggling with the lack of "maternal feelings" but when she felt the baby kick she began getting emotional and excited.

Aidan/Adrian? whoever! left Carrie because she wouldnt marry him... (so sad, i really like his... character)

no, seriously, i do like his character a lot, but, Carrie cant get married on the show!

it's about being single and living in NYC !

i dont know much else, but i'll let you know
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Thanks for the info!!! I didn't know she was having a boy. I will miss Adrian or Adian or whatever his name is...he is so good looking!
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I just love sex and the city. samantha is my favorite character! As for being single, they make it seem so appealing and deep. I prefer being's brought me the husband and my kitties and hopefully children in the future. besides, being single was such a headache at times.
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But, if you want bits of news, scroll down.

BTW, Debby, if you have DISH, do you have multiple HBOs? If so, check out the HBO website for viewing dates of the show. It's broadcast on various days at various hours on different HBOs. Maybe you'll find a time that's on one of your TV days .

Charlotte goes on her first date since her divorce. Of course, it doesn't go too well.
Samantha has been dating one guy steadily and has admitted that she, gasp, loves him. Things are tense in the relationship. Samantha ultimately feels that her new beau isn't being faithful. You have to see the scene when she breaks in on the beau fooling around with another woman. It's one of her better scenes. Also, the previous episodes where she begins to reveal her true feelings are pretty good.
Big left NY(he's moving to CA wine country). He leaves Carrie a note in his apt saying that there's an album (sentimental to him) there for her to play if she ever feels lonely, and plane tickets, for her to go to CA ,if he ever feels lonely.
Miranda had her baby boy. Steve and Carrie were in the delivery room. Mirande has a change of heart and names the baby Brady - that's Steve's surname.
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I far prefer being married to being single. I like the stability, the security, and the unconditional love that is forever. ( I sound like a fairy tale here, but I love my husband so much ). I have a friend who is single although has a boyfriend and she is always telling me how good it is to be "free" from responsibility. I don't know about that. I like having a husband and kids to take care of, I love being needed and wanted all the time.

So I give a thumbs up to being attached!!!
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Althought there is nothing wrong with being single, and you certainly don't need to have a "somebody" in your life to make it happy, I agree that if you are in a good relationship, life is fulfilling.

I can only take so much of this show, because although it's supposed to be a comedy, it mirrors life too closely for me, and I often find it depressing. The bunch of them are living the single life because they are unable to make a committment, which I find sad. Maybe that's because I experienced that for real. They trivialize things I think are important, and lay bigtime emphasis on stuff that shouldn't matter.

I have become a regular watcher, though, because it gives me a lot of food for thought. (and because it comes on right after the Sopranos).
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I don't watch the show (no HBO), but I think I really prefer being married. I love being married and having a family. I can't wait for hubby to get home every day, even though he's just here for a couple hours before bed. I love the weekends when he's home all day for two days. If I were single, I wouldn't be able to look forward to these times.

I never really was single though. I went directly from living in a college dorm to getting engaged. Then I lived with my parents until I was married, and then I've lived with Doug for 10 years. So I don't have much room for comparison. However, I do know that if Doug wasn't in my life, my life wouldn't be nearly as good.

(Although I could really use some of the alone time that single women get!)
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Deb, i think your post sums up most of my feelings on the show as well, i cant help but
feel depressed and lowered after seeing it, but i also cant *not* watch the show,
i think a big part of me envies the friendship between the four women, as i dont have that in my life,
and that may be a big part of why i watch the show regularily -
vicarious television watching, what else is new ?


about my hair...

maybe i will just do my hair myself, it will cost around $150 to get it 'done'
and i just couldnt justify that, regardless of the fact i've *never* done it before... :confused2

it cant be all that hard to dye it & streak it myself... could it?!

oh god, i think it's an accident just *waiting* to happen !
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I just found the best new stylist back in October. My nail tech convinced me that it was time for a change. I went from shoulder length hair to short. I love it. It's so easy to care for. The $ is worth it. Gotta spoil yourself sometimes.
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Vikki...thanks! I will have to check out the HBO website, and find when else it is on...
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which sex AND the city character are YOU?
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oh right, i might add, i was Carrie. yay.
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I am Miranda! Don't know if thats entirely accurate but fun to play along.
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Ok, I've only watched the show a couple of times.....I took the quiz and I am a 'Samantha'

Is that good or bad??
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Is that good or bad??

samantha is the labeled 'sex kitten' of the show, so you tell me !
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Great Quiz, Blue!!! I'm a Carrie, too!!
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