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I read the most interesting information the other day on a website regarding cat communication and body language. I didn't know a lot of the things and since reading it I have applied the new knowledge to my communications with my kitties and it's amazing!!

It tells you about the position of their whiskers, ears and tails in the way they communicate, different types of meows and purrs and various other things, along with diagrams of their bodies etc. It was very interesting and educational, and I thought I'd post the link in case anyone else is interested.

A lot of it most of you will probably know already, but it's a really good read, in any case.


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Thank you Sarah - that was very interesting!
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Boy, that is LONG!! But looks good. I'm printing it out for later reading.
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Later...I found that well written and exceedingly informational. Good enough that I printed out the other two articles referenced.

Recommended reading for anyone who wants to know about cats.
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It's so interesting isn't it? After I read it, Sashka jumped on my lap, and basically because her ears were forward, her whiskers forward, her pupils a bit dilated, her tail up and cocked at the end, and her purr deafening, I knew she was saying, `Love me love me love me!!! I want a cuddle!' It's so fascinating to watch the way their bodies change - there's a whole language there I never knew about! Wonderful!!
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