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Hi everyone! I am new to this site but I love it already! I have a black cat named Santino who is almost a year old....out of all of the cats that I had before him, he is definately the wildest! Since the day we got him when he was about 4 months old he was very frisky and crazy! We wanted an outgoing cat with personality..well we sure got that! He has to be involved in everything we do..and we love it! I am not sure if he thinks I am a cat or if he thinks he is a person! I think it's the latter! Everyone I work with looks forward to my daily "Sonny Story"...he is infamous! Since he is named after a character in the movie the Godfather, we get alot of Brando imitations on the answering machine, leaving messages for Sonny! We definately have our hands full....looking forward to your advice and your stories!
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Welcome to the forum.
BTW, I think that I have the 'other end of the spectrum cat' from your Santino. My kitty is all white and is very mellow (well, most of the time). Yet, some of my friends still leave messages for the cat instead of me - hee hee.
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Hi Nicole!

Santino sounds like a riot! You'll have to share some stories with us. Welcome, and don't be a stranger.
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Hello and welcome - glad you found the site.
"Sonny" sound like he has a lot of spunk. Yeah Sonny.

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Hi and welcome! I'm absolutely sure you'll love it here! Keep us updated on your rambunctious kitty.
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Can't wait to hear stories about your "wild" baby!
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Sounds like Sonny made you an 'offer you could not refuse' when you adopted him. Welcome and a big old MEOW to Sonny!
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Welcome to TCS! Sounds like you've got a handful w/ your furbaby. Can't wait to hear some of your cattales about him!:tounge2:
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