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help,please!! seizure and muscle spasm...

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Our 4 months old kitten, Enzo had a seizure in his sleep four days ago.
Also he seems to have this muscle spasm problem whenever he tries to fall asleep which keeps waking him up.

He showed some apparent symptoms of URI a couple of months ago and we took him to the vet. We were told to give him Clavomox and L-Lysine as a treatment. It's been a week since we ran out of Clavomox. We thought maybe L-Lysine and quality food might help him to fight against his sickness.
He seemed to be fine. His eyes were somewhat watery but better than ever.
His sneezing was dramatically cut down to maybe once a day.

Then, when we thought everything was getting better, the horror of seizure snuck up on Enzo in his sleep.

I am suspecting so many different causes in my head. Since I am not a vet, I can not determine the exact cause of his seizure and muscle spasm at night.
I wish I could. I am scared to death he would die in my arms.

I baked double chocolate cookies the night before. He came to me while I was putting the cookies away in a bag. But I highly doubt he had a bite out of a cookie. I put the Frontline flea medication on him about a week ago. I give him L-lysine 250mg or a little bit more a day.

When he has muscle spasm, his eyes get all watery as if he is so sad.

Does anybody know about this problem? I've googled to find some information on these but I could only find the worst case scenarios. Among them is FIP advanced from coronavirus causing an infection withing his brain. I hope it is just a mild symptom of chocolate toxicity which might go away as time goes on. But it's been over 4 days already.

What could be wrong with him?
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[quote=Juni's mom]Our 4 months old kitten, Enzo had a seizure in his sleep four days ago.
Also he seems to have this muscle spasm problem whenever he tries to fall asleep which keeps waking him up. [quote]

First off, I trust you have contacted a vet. That's so necessary for this little one. There are a number of reasons why a cat may sieze, not limited to epilepsy, heart defects, poisoning, and bizarre "flukes." Somehow, I am not thinking that the chocolate hurt him, as you were watching him and think he didn't eat any of it. There is a chance something is neurologically wrong, yes, but there is chance that it was a singular occurence.

Although I can't say much more about it, I'd again encourage you to take him to the vet for bloodwork, x rays and whatever else. Also, watch him closely for mini-siezures, such as a repetitive eye tic or muscle spasms. Usually some other symptom such as urination, bowel movement, drooling, or watery eyes (maybe) can precede, occur simultaneously, or follow such an event.
Also check for excessive sleepiness, or odd mood changes (ie out of the blue aggression).

I have gone through the whole kitten siezure thing - it is very nerve wracking. Please hang in there.
Also, does he cry a lot? That may be a symptom that something is wrong as well.

Other people on here are amazingly smart at giving advice and possible further options. Wait for them - they will answer soon!

PM me if you would like some support (when the servers are back up). I have been in your shoes, and it is quite scary.
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VET ASAP!!. If you haven't contacted the vet, please do so asap, and let us know what happened. It could be a # of different things. The only way to know for sure a good exam and a full blood panel!!
Good Luck, and I hope your kitty gets better soon!!!!
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Has this been a re-occuring problem or was it a one time event? Did he salivate, urinate, or deficate during the "seizure"? Does he loose conciousnes? Do these events ever occur while he is awake? Can you rouse him out of them or do you have to let it run its course before he is back to normal? Is he altered or lethargic after this happens?

Before you panic I would try to answer all of the above questions. Then call your vet and discuss it with him. Cats do dream and can probably have nightmares. I have seen my own animals do this. Muscle twitching is normal during certain types of sleep. My dog is a very active sleeper and has woken me up on more than one occasion.
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That was my thought as well, is this an actual seizure where the limbs go out stiff and rigid, the head gets either thrown back or tucked forward, there is drooling, rolling of the eyelids, loss of urine or defication? Or is this just kitty dreams that are a bit active?
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Thanks everybody for your posts.

Enzo hasn't been to the vet for this particular problem. I thought it was just an one time thing and decided to observe him a little bit more.

I am not quite sure if discontinuing antibiotic treatment brought this problem. Or all this time, it could've been the neurological problem all the way around and we've been digging the wrong hole.

As you know his seizure happened while he was sleeping. At first it looked like he was dreaming. Now that I think of it, it must've been some sort of muscle spasm before the attack. Then, I noticed the whole cat bed was shaking.

His seizure was very cut and clean in a way. His legs were tumbling and at the same time stiff. His eyes were wide awake and he salivated. He did not urinate or deficate. He never once lost conciousnes .After the seizure he did not have any strength so he had to sit down for about 10 seconds. He then went into the kitchen to eat. He has not had a seizure since then. But today he started with the muscle spasms. As he sleeps. Sleeps for 20 minutes then spasm. Its lasted for a few hours now. He just woke up and ate and is now back on his condo for sleep. Earlier, he had watery eyes and a strange eye tic as well. But this did not last very long, like i said a few hours. Activity has gone down as well. He used to play alot more than he is doing now. He is NOT larthargic by any means. He will play when prompted. But tonight he has had a turn for the worse. I guess its off to the vets tomorrow. Thanks

p.s anybody know of any good pet health insurance? I have a feeling i am going to need it.
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One of our 2 cats also twitches and jerks when he is asleep. Sometimes he even cries out in his sleep....but the vet says he is just fine. (Really what i thought too, but "Dad" was worried about it, so we got him checked.)....so yours could very well be just a "kitty -thing". If you vet has given him a good check up and finds nothing , then I would`nt worry about it unless you see something more drastic occurring.
Sometimes we worry too much about our "babies"....but it sure beats not giving a darn, don`t you think?
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Hope your baby is ok!

The way you describe your kittie's siezure sounds just like the siezures my RB kitty Morgan used to get, but his started when he was 18 years old. The vet did lots of test because his first thought was diabetes, but then that was ruled out. After many other tests the vet could never figure out why Morgan was getting them

I would suggest seeing the vet if you notice any more siezures in your kitty. So some serious medical conditions can be ruled out.
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Poor kitty! I hope he gets better soon. Sorry I have no answers for you, just call every vet in your town get second and even third opinions until you figure it out. We are praying for you.
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PLEASE take him to the vet!!!! I had a kitty do the exact things you are describing, and the situation was dire. PLEASE take him now, if you can. Don't waste any more time!!

I am praying for both of you!
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Is there any chance he somehow bumped his head without you knowing it?
Of our foster kittens, Molly - a four month old female - had a seizure several weeks ago - very scary for her and us. A few hours later she was fine and has been since. The vet did all kinds of tests and couldn't find anything wrong. She suspects Molly fell from the top of one of the kennels, where the kittens like to roughhouse and hit her head on the concrete floor of our foster room. (We've now taken some additional safety measures.)
Anyway, sending good vibes for the little guy!
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