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Goodbye, sweet Scotty

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I am writing this with a very heavy heart and tears running down my cheeks. I posted awhile back about my friend Marsha and her sick kitty Scotty, asking for prayers and good healing thoughts for this kitty who has been thru a lot recently. I promised to keep everyone updated and I had so hoped to give all you kind people good news. Sadly I cannot. Marsha posted a notice today that her sweet Scotty is gone. He had been thru radiation treatment for a thyroid problem but seemed to be recovering well from that. He then developed a nosebleed and when Marsha took him to the vet they discovered he had severe anemia, apparently from internal bleeding (not just a nosebleed). She had (under a vet's instructions) been giving Scotty tiny twice-weekly doses of aspirin to prevent possible blood-clots. That apparently is when the real problem began. Marsha consulted 5 different vets and they were all unable to determine what was wrong with Scotty--he had begun having problems with swelling on his toes (all four paws). Then yesterday when she was preparing to take Scotty back to the vet she noticed he had fallen off his cushion and had spilled his water bowl and was lying in the water. She dried him off and put him back on the cushion but thought he seemed very weak. That's when she decided he had to go to the vet right then. (But he had even tried to eat something that morning!) She was putting Scotty into a comfortable bed and moving him into the car when he died. She drove him straight to the vet's just hoping and praying that he was only unconscious but she knew in her heart that she had lost him. This is so so sad I cannot stop crying for sweet brave Scotty and I know Marsha is devastated. I'm afraid she is somewhat blaming herself for the aspirin treatment even tho she only did what the vet instructed her to do, and she loved Scotty with all her heart--she is heartbroken right now and needs all the prayers and love she can get. And please pray for Scotty too--he was such a brave little guy and wanted so much to live, and he loved Marsha so much!! RIP little Scotty be happy over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge and send smiles down to your mama who loves you so much, let her know you are well and happy and will always love her for being such a wonderful mama to you...
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Condolences on the loss of Scotty.

Please ask your friend to consult with the vet about the aspirin treatment she gave. I am a registered nurse, and I do not believe that giving aspirin twice a week, under a vets care, is what ended Scotty's life. It would be enough to prevent the clots from forming, but not enough to cause him to bleed internally, unless something else happened, in my opinion.

Rest in peace, Scotty.
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So sorry for your friend and her loss..
RIP sweet angel
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I'd like to express my condolensees to your friend on her loss of Scotty. It is so unfourtunate that he wasn't able to make it. It sounds like your friend did everything she could and she shouldn't blame herself..she was only following the vets recommendations

RIP sweet Scotty
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I am so sorry for your friends loss of her dear kitty Scotty.
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Thats so sad! I'm so sorry for your friends loss but i know Scotty will be over the bridge now free from suffering
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to your friend Marsha. I hope she won't blame herself for what happened. Sometimes we do the best we know how and it is still not enough. I am sure little Scotty knew how much Marsha loved him. Rest in peace little guy. You were a loved cat and you are missed by your family.
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Poor gentle creature. I truely pray that his cushion over the bridge is the most confortable spot to wait for his owner to join him. Sleep well brave Scotty.

Please let your friend know, that aspirin in small doses under a vets care did not cause Scotty to pass over the bridge.
I give my oldest cat 1 childrens aspirin in her food every other day to assist with her degrading hips and hind quarters. It helps her and is visible the relief she feels.
Aspirin is a big no-no for healthy cats in normal people doses, but under the supervision of a vet and low doses over days is usually ok and quite helpful.

As a future word of caution. Make sure it is aspirin tablets, not the powdered kind like BC or Goodies powders. Those contain caffene which is also a no-no for cats and dogs. Regardless, i doubt that the aspirin caused scottys demise.

You can read in your words how much he was loved and cared for by your friend and you and all that knew him. I am sure he was a beautiful loving cat. I know he knew he was loved. None of our words can take away the pain of loss. But please find comfort in knowing we all send our best prayers for you, your friend and especially Scotty.
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Dear Scotty Poor baby. We love you RIP.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Scotty. He and your friend are in my thoughts and prays. RIP sweet boy.
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I'm sorry to hear this. Please give your friend our sympathy
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I am sorry to hear about Scotty Give my condolences to your friend.
to both of you
RIP sweet Scotty
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Condolences to Marsha on her painful loss. Godspeed, Scotty - Heaven must've needed an extra special boy up there. Hugs, Susan
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