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My kitten is afraid of me now

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My old cat and kitten are best of friends now-I've no worries there. However, I recently went on vacation to visit family for a week and when I came back my kitten no longer enjoyed being "petted" by me although it will sit near me and sleep on the bed.

What do I do?? It at least tolerated petting and cuddling and purred before. Now it just seems it doesn't want affection from me at all.
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I'd just give him time to get used to you again. Don't force yourself on him, just let him come to you.
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Sometimes kitties can have long memories and if they feel that you have neglected them (ie - gone away on holiday) they can punish you for it!!!

I don't know if it's necessarily that, you probably have new smells and are kind of new to your kit again. Things'll return to normal soon enough - but they can give you the cold shoulder for a bit, I know mine certainly do if I go away anywhere for more than a day or two!!
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Yes, I`d say to just give him a little time and he`ll come around....after all ...you are the food-wagon! :-)
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My Mum's cat cracks it when you go away and will ignore you for days after you get back! Its punishment for leaving them!!
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This has happened before to me. But after a day or so, my cat, Baby, decided to forgive me and let me pet him again.
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Yeah, except it's been over a week and she still can't wait to get away from my touch-do kittens go through a "I don't want human affection" period as they are growing up?
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Some cats are just not very affectionate and you can't force it. Our Ebony would sit on the arm of my chair while I watched TV but if I gently moved him sideways onto my lap he would jump down and go away. He just did not like being on our lap or held. It made me sad but that was who he was.

Maybe your kitty won't be as affectionate as he was before, maybe he'll come around again - who knows - but forcing him won't work or make it any better. Best to be patient and let nature be! Que sera, sera!
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Yeah. Fortunately my old boy is smothering in his love for me or I'd feel even worse.

Will see how it goes. She let me touch her this morning when she was relaxing on the bed next to me. Woo hoo
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