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weekly horoscopes

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my horoscope for the week commencing Saturday, 23rd February 2002


Are you floating on a pink fluffy cloud? Are fairies fluttering at your feet?
Are you far away from all the trouble and trauma of this harsh and petty world? If not, fear not.

You soon will be feeling far better about yourself and your prospects.
Whilst you may not be spirited away quite so dramatically, you will definitely feel
your spirits start to soar as an inspiring new vision inflames them.

Allow your imagination a little room to manoeuvre.
Have some faith in the idea that dreams can come true.
You are not now in a position to fulfil your every fantasy but you can do something very constructive about at least one of them. Neptune's is now forming a powerful, helpful link to your ruler.


this is an overall great weekly horoscope for me, i am feeling better just
knowing things are supposed to be soaring

i know this is interesting to no one but me & perhaps other fellow gemini's,
but, hey, i love horoscopes

if you want your weekly horoscope posted just tell me your sign and i'd love to do it...
(cause i'm a geek for this kind of thing)
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Oh! Me! Pick me! LEO!
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Me too!

I'm a taurus (the closest thing to a bull that we've got)
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The Moon, as it now grows full in the part of your chart that governs money, is having quite a profound effect on your view of the world.
It is as if you are watching a TV set on which the contrast has been turned up too high.

Everything is either very dark or very light.

There are no subtle shades of grey. Thus, one moment you feel elated about a positive financial possibility, and the next you feel deflated because you are conscious of a problem you suspect you can never solve.

The truth is that here, as in all other areas of life where there seems to be a drama going on,
things are neither as bad as you fear or as good as you hoped.
There has to be a little realism now but the reward for this will soon be a vastly enhanced sense of stability.
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Is it all beginning to get a bit too much? Are you starting to feel like the rope in a game of tug o'war?
Are you being pulled in one direction while circumstances push you in another?
Are you starting to lose faith in a plan that once inspired you?

Is it becoming clear that you no longer want what you once wanted?
If you can answer yes to any of the above, don't feel bad and definitely don't blame yourself.
Pluto lies behind this pensive mood and soon, its influence will pass.
Once it does, you will realise that yes, there is a fundamental change that you need to bring
about but this does not require you to radically alter every other factor in your life.
You have fewer problems than you think and of these, most are less urgent than you imagine.

Soon, your load will lighten still further.

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hmmmm....... very interesting!

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Darn. Money never bothers me, so that just doesn't make much sense. I was just positive it was going to say something about finding new friends through controversy or something. *sigh* I think I'll make up my own horoscopes... although I could do with a "vastly enhanced sense of stability".

But thanks for posting that, blue!
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=leo= (again)

Bothersome conditions which threaten your security or undermine your confidence now
are only temporary and can be dealt with by simply being yourself or drawing on your reservoir of past creative ideas.

In demonstrating your personal abilities now, you'll stumble upon a hidden talent.
Seemingly adverse conditions are actually setting the stage for success or a personal breakthrough by the 28th.

(how's this one?)
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Mine is Libra
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Yeah. Ummm... that one was pretty much right on... Have you been watching me?

Thanks, blue! That was really interesting!
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"Neither a follower nor a leader be."

Well, actually, that's not quite what Shakespeare said.
His advice involved borrowing and lending but it amounts much to the same thing.

Wherever possible you should avoid sticking your neck out - or putting yourself in a
position over which you have no control.

Right at the moment though, we find you both borrowing and following.
It would seem as if you are beholden to someone or something and you are not enjoying it very much.

I cannot promise you full freedom this week but I do see that you will take the first significant step
towards eventually attaining it. The full Moon suggests that you may soon be treated to a dream or
vision that has profoundly inspiring implications to your waking life.

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watching you...what? no...of course not...
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Wow! That was cool!! Thanks Blue!
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What about Sags?
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=Sagittarius= (both my mother & my best friend are Sagittarius )

Since late last year the ruler of your sign has been retrograde. Jupiter quite regularly does this for a few months at a time.
It participates in a time honoured optical illusion during which it gives the impression of slipping backwards through the sky.
We astrologers see this as deeply symbolic. We feel that this is the reason why you have found life quite so trying over the last few months.

It is as if you have been trying to hold back a tide or run up an escalator that is going down.
In this endeavour you have been doing surprisingly well and you will soon start to do even better.
Now that Jupiter is heading in the right direction once more so are you!
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Don't forget the Moon Girl over here!! :girly1: Got one for Cancer??
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As the Moon now grows full in the part of your chart that governs intellect we find you becoming uncharacteristically contemplative.

You are thinking things through and exploring.

There are some things that you definitely cannot do and nothing in the world can change this.
You have other options though, which are very real although they will require you to make a considerable amount of effort.

Nothing is going to be easy but then that includes nothing - if you see what I mean.
In other words, even if you resolve to take no action at all you will find yourself struggling to repress the urge to do something.

And that is as it should be for something now can be done: something very positive indeed.
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Wow! Thats awesome! It explains exactly what I've been going through the past few months. My mother-in-law is a professional astrologist and it is SO awesome all of the things that she tells me. Shes been doing astrology for over 25 years!
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I'm a fellow Gemini and I have definitely been soaring!
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