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Travelling with Louis

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Hey all,

I ended up adopting that foster kitten that I had months ago and it has been the best decision I have ever made (especially when he nudges his face into my neck at night to cuddle). I am trying to make plans for Christmas and was wondering if it is okay to travel with cats. I was thinking of renting a car to drive to my parents (five hours one way) so that I don't have to leave Louis alone with my two bunnies (I am worried about him getting lonely without me not about him disturbing the rabbits). Has anyone travelled that long with a cat in a carrier? It would only be from the 23rd to the 26th. If you don't recommend it, any suggestions to what I can do? I have a friend that could look in on him each day but wouldn't be able to spend a lot of time with him. Is there such a thing as a kennel for cats?

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Oliver travels 4 hours home with me in the car... I would do some shorter trial runs, if you can, to get him used to traveling in the car... Oliver doesn't like his carrier much so we have our car traveling situation - he's harnessed and attached to his carrier (it's soft sided) and the carrier is attached to the passenger seat... once we get on the road, I open the top of his carrier, giving him a bit of freedom to reach a litter box I put on the passenger floor and to the middle back seat, but he can't get to under my feet while I'm driving - he can get onto my lap however, but I'm ok with that for highway driving.... good luck!
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I think it really depends on your cat. I have two siblings, they are almost 7 months old. Me and my hubby travel a lot (every weekend 5-6 hours in the car). Of course our babies come with us. Our babies are weird. The day we adopted them we put them into the car in a carrier. They were so eager to get out that I let them. They loved it. They first sniffed everything out, and then lounged on the back seat. At first I would sit with them in the back. But now they are so used to the car that I sit in the front and they roam the car. I put smth in the back of the drivers seat, so that they don't climb under the pedals. If you are traveling alone I would suggest keeping your cat in the carrier so he doesn't get stuck anywhere in the car or cause you to take your eyes off the road. Maybe make a couple of stops just to pet him and let him roam the car. Trial runs is a great idea because some cats get really stressed in cars.

Hope this helps!!!
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If you try taking him here and there around town with you...and lengthen the time each time...and he does OK then i`d take him....but if he stresses in the car and does`nt settle down, then I`d presonally try to get someone the kitten knows to come and and check on him and play a bit with him in your place everyday... and leave him for the 3 days. (Esp if you could get someone to come at the time of day that he normally is most playful...so that they will have some interactive time with together.)
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I do a 6hr trip to my parents with my Nico in the car. He always hates it at first, yawling up a storm for the first hour or so, but then he'll eventually calm down and nap for the rest of the trip. Mostly I think he hates being in the carrier and not being able to get up and look around. When I am with someone else in the car (a driver) he is much more calm because I'll open the top of the cage and pet him and let him look around a bit (but then its back in the carrier for safety!)

Experiment a little with rides! Also, you may not want to feed him for a while before the trip. My poor Nico discovered car sickness the last couple times we were in the car. Although once he threw up he was right as rain; thusly, no more meals before car trips!
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Bijou and Mika have been taking car trips with us since they were babies and they are fine with it. We put down food and water on a towel in the passenger footwell and a litter pan in the back on the floor for long trips. They go to the library, hardware, grocery, etc for short trips.

I think the key is introducing them to the car and travelling when they are young - even then, some kitties may never take to it. Someone suggested doing some trial runs and I agree.

I also found that when they were both in the car they seemed to be even calmer than when we had either one or the other.

We also always take them together to the vet even if only one of them is being seen by the vet. That way they both smell strange and there are no "disagreements" later!
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Seamus made a three day trip with us from FL to CO. We only did 8-10 hrs a day so he could have plenty of time in hotels to stretch, play, and eat. The great thing was that when we'd stop for gas, he'd take a break and use his litter box. He had the timing just right.

Getting your cat acclimated to traveling is definitely key.
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I travel with my cats all the time. The longest trip they take is to my parents house 400 miles away which take me around 6 hours. they meow a little but get tired and fall asleep. I dont use a litterbox because they can hold it and I dont stop except 5 minutes for gas 1/2 home. I dont feed them in the morning before I go and I take away the water 1 hour before I leave so they dont get full bladders. They usually sleep about 8 hours during the day so they are used to not going for a while.
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