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Major Grey's Getting Fixed (I hope!)

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Well all - more on the story of Major Grey -

the wiley guy hasn't been spotted in 2 days - since
it began to go bad weather wise

But, the good news is that my Green Sheet came! So now,
I can talk with my rescue friend and get her to help me TRAP
Neuter (rabies!) and Release after recovery (since weather is cold
I'm giving him at least 3 to 4 days to get healed up and rested up...)

Well, that is if he's STILL visiting AND we can catch
the sucker. As I mentioned I did not see
him last night eating, but the food I left out (2 large bowls)
were munched on - and even if it was the little possum, I doubt
he/she could have eaten all of what disappeared...

And although I did not see him this am - SOMEONE came
between 9 and 10 am (I kept checking for him but it was
raining so I wasn't sitting out watching...) and ate all the wet
food I left out and a bit of dry

I went home at 4:15 and put more food out at 5 pm,
and called and clapped and tapped food can multiple
times between, so that he would "know" that food was
there IF he was lurking under shelter nearby...

I will be SO happy if I see him and get a visual that he is
stilling stopping by and getting food - cause that means
I *can* try to trap!! LOL!!

Anyway, on another topic - my little Lexi is getting
fat (that's the Manx type kitty that I found abandoned/dumped
etc. behind my house...) Well, when we first got, we thought
(vet and I both!) that she has scar on belly and is fixed. Now,
thought vet saw her (she's gained weight) and said "well, she
looks a bit larger now. You sure that she was fixed?" and I
said "Yeah, she had a scar on the belly remember??" and SHE
says "Well, scar on the tummy doesn't always mean they've
been fixed!!"

So now I am all hot and bothered that Lexi
may be preggers!!

I never saw her go into heat (and from what I hear tell
you KNOW when a female is in heat, LOL!!)

So for now, fingers crossed that vet is WRONG (I mean,
come on, she has belly scar?? I think that the vet's
just pulling my leg...) And put the kitty on a bit
of a diet. (And hey, if I have kittens and they are
Manx is there anybody wants one, LOL?? Only to
a GOOD home mind you!!)

I'm sure the vet was just teasing me. (Please god??)

Anyway, thanks to all for advice on Grey - I may tap into
you all for help with trapping if he proves elusive...

Let's hope it was Grey!
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Good Luck trapping Major Gray and I'm definately hoping that Lexi isn't pregnant.

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Good luck! Keep us updated!
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Thanks all!! I sure HOPE Lexi's not preggers!
I don't think so though, cause I never saw
any "in heat" behavior - like the meowing,
rubbing / displaying rump etc...

I just think she's getting
pudgey!! But we will deal with kittens
if they come, and do the *right* thing for all
kitties concerned (ie. fixing them!!)

I sure hope Major Grey starts hanging out
in the yard again... that way I'll be more *confident*
about trapping. Right now, not seeing who is
coming and eating, I *wonder*!! I'll feel MUCH
better when I see the dear's grey furry face poking through
the kitty hole (hole in fence) and see him strolling over to eat!
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Good luck catching him. Its hard to get the ones you want to catch. I am doing the same thing. I keep catching kittens. I have Mr. Gray. A proud daddy to a lot of feral kitties out here. I would love to catch him too. He is a wanderer. Best to you. It is a lot of work. I am so tired. Prayers to you
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Well all. Thanks for the good thoughts. Grey
cats are so nice when they tame down I've found!

Grey is being difficult tho. I've not seen for 3 days
now. This am - no sighting. Tho I did put down the
food - I will check later in the pm to see if eaten or not.
(Course it could be neighborhood kitties and NOT
Major grey coming over...)

He did this once before - sort of stopped being seen,
tho he was patroling. Now I am hopping to see
again - once I establish contact will start trapping.

My friend has her trap rigged. We figure on putting
smelly sardines in it... if we catch our neighbors
cats.. well

All wish me luck cause seems like I'll need a lot
of it!! I WISH that green sheet had come a whole
lot sooner!! GRRR...
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