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Need Help

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I have had my cat for about a year now and this past week she has gotten bigger put her belly isnt hard or anything and all she does is this weird meow thing and roll around on her back on the floor. One of my friends said she may be in heat and I was wondering if that is the case. I have an appointment to get her spayed next week. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I think if she was in heat you would have noticed before now, since you've had her a year, and she would spend ages washing her behind.

I think you should take her to the vets to get checked out. It may be that she's in the early stages of pregnancy or having a phantom pregnancy, or it could be something more serious. A vet would be able to know.
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I don`t know about the "getting bigger" part....Do you mean all over, like she`s grown a lot lately ...or just one area of her? If just one part of her (as her belly) and she`s mewing oddly, then i`d call the vet and take her in as soon as possible.
If you just mean she is GROWING all over and acting wierd...then she very likely is in heat.
Is she eating and acting and pooing and peeing OK?
Whatever you do...you do NOT want to let her outside in case she is in heat.
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