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My Kitties Inoculations

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I cannot retrieve a previous thread right now, about my indecision to get Dexter & Sadie their inoculation boosters every year. Some vets are leaning toward a 3 yr. schedule for boosters.

My vet advised that for now... I should have them inoculated with the FVRCP-Pheumonitis Booster annually. That is what we did this morning.

They will not have the Rabies booster. They had a bad reaction to their first one. It is not required by law in my area.

Dexter also had his scent sacs expressed. So far, my sweetie pies are feeling ok. Right now they are taking a major cat nap.
It is good to have it over & done.
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Glad to hear everything went well for your babies!
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Thanks Diane.
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For next year, you might want to print out these articles and show them to your vet. The current protocol is for vaccinations every three years, after the first one-year booster.

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Thanks Tim...I bookmarked those sites.
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Sadie and Dexter, you're such brave babies, and what a wonderful Mommy you have! We're so happy your big day is behind you and you're having such a peaceful nap, little sweeties!
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Awwww...thanks Auntie Stephanie.
You make us feel so special.
Hugs & Purrs,
Sadie & Dexter
xo xo
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You know....I guess i have to wonder why our cats need all thses shots anyhow, if they are only indoors. Or are`nt all these deseases passed on from other cats that are contageous?Does anyone know?
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Better to be safe than sorry - If your cat happens to get outside for any reason, then they will be very susceptable to getting those diseases. I'm not sure how all these different diseases are communicated but I wouldn't take the risk.
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