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She refuses to wear the collar...:(

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My 4months old kitty refuses to wear the collar. When i try putting it around her neck she would chew it and try pushing it away with her paw and when tried further she started biting me gently...and then when i continued those bites were no longer gentle "dont do it" bites....hmmm...she really hates the collar it seems..
What do I do?
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When I first got Harley his collar, he did the same thing, he hated it! So I distracted him with a toy and started playing with him and he soon forgot that he even had it on. Now he doesn't even notice it!
Maybe that will work for your little one!
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Some take longer than others to get used to a collar. Make sure it is a breakaway type and then just leave the cat to sort it out. He will fight it a bit but then accept it. I cut them so there is not a long dangly bit that annoys them.
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Well yeah all that comes later after I have buckled the collar around her neck, but pablo just wouldnt allow me to do that, till now i havent managed to successfully buckle it.
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I dont care what anyone says Chichi will not wear a collar!!!!!! She bites through or squirms out of every single one?!?! She is indoors only and micro chipped so I gave up on the collar thing.
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Your little kitty might not need a collar, now; she is so young at four months. I would wait untill she is older.
When I put a collar on my Kitty, she also didn't like it - animals don't like new things like that on them, but they get used to it. Soon Kitty didn't even notice it.
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I put mine on as quickly as possible! My kitten is too small just yet. The other two "tolerate" the collars. I usually take the stupid bell off. One of my cats scratches at his all the time and has clawed a few to shreds. I finally got one he hasn't completely destroyed in 6 months. The other tends to get out of his every so often. I always use breakaway, and make sure to check the fit every so often, as kitty is growing.
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Try buckling the collar first and then slipping it over their head and then quickly distract her with some treats or a toy. She'll soon forget that she's wearing it.
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I when i first put a collar on macaroni, we got one that was stretchable, incase he got cought in a tree or bush or something (even tho he is declawed.. he sill can climb trees.. its quiet funny actually.) anyways. (hah) well he some how managed to get his jaw hooked in it and we ended up having to cut it off.. so dont get the kind that strech.. they are scarry.
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Wow she was gentle - to get Sashka's collar on we have to wrap her in a towel and distract her with a chicken neck, and even then we end up needing to go to the ER!!! No, not that bad, but pretty bad.

Sunday just mews as if to say, `What is that? What are you doing?' and then she gives you a head butt and that's that. If only they were all so easy.
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Mission accomplished! Thanks guys, buckling the collar and then slipping it works! Now lets see how long the collar lasts....knowing my mischevious kitty I say...umm one day??:P

I have tied it real lose right now as I am afraid to make it too tight...and i have no idea what is too tight....so its all lose and dangling but she has no problem so its fine..
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Buddy hate his collar too. He's an indoor cat, and never trys to get out, so I just leave him alone.
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My Lexi is a real trip. Not only doesn't LIKE
me putting on, but she is a true escape artist
from collars, LOL!

She has in one year been through 9 collars (and
tags of course!). We are no. 10 right now.

V. expensive habit. The last one
I put on, I skipped the tag part and left the bell on
the collar (so I know where the sucker is when she's
stalking my other cats!). That one has lasted
a whole month!!

I just lay in a supply and as soon as I see
she's gotten one off, pop on another one.
That way she never gets used to being

All my cats, Always indoor or outdoor have
been tagged and collared. No bad stories -
to report. We always use the breakaways...

Keep putting those collars on... eventually
she/he will get used to an stop trying actively
to take off...
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