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questions about a pregnant cat

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I have a pregnant cat and wonder if there is anything other than
proper nutrition I need to worry about in preparation for the arrival of the new kittens. What about a birthing place? Special conditions?
Obviously this is my first time. HELP!!!!
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Hi ssbrink, and welcome to the site. I am moving your question over to our Health and Nutrition forum, where it will likely get a lot more hits.
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Kitten food for mama now and when she's nursing, as well as for the kittens when they're old enough to start weaning.

A box large enough for her to turn around in, with old towels, in a warm dry, secluded place (a closet is great) would be a great nest, but don't be surprised if she doesn't use it. Change the bedding once she's done giving birth (give her a little time to settle in with the babies first) and then daily until the babies start using the litter box. By the way, mom will teach them that.

Remember that she'll be loathe to leave her babies the first several days, so if possible have some food, water, and a box in her closet with her, or just outside the closet (or wherever you have placed her nest).
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I don't know if this kitty is used to being inside or out, but my 2 cents is this. Mom should be closed into one room. Somewhere that people are going to be able to spend some time. While she is pregnant you want to give her a birthing box to get used to. There are a few things you can use, but I find the tuppperware containers for wrapping paper work well. Is she has a bed she likes, you can put that in there to start her using the box. Then gradually line it with a blanket or sheet of some sort. I don't recomend using small towels as when the babies are born they can get lost in there. You want to make sure there's no way for the kittens to get cought under anything. If you keep her in one room, mom will be able to leave the box and not worry about her kittens. You also want to spend time in there so mom gets used to you being there with her and the kittens once born will be used to people. You don't want mom to have free roam of the house. She will most likely want to move her kittens around and too much is a very bad thing, they can sometimes end up hurting them. Make sure you find an emergency clinic in the area just incase you need it in the middle of the night. You may also want to get a book on breeding cats. They have lots of info on giving birth and care of newborn kittens. This way you are prepared for anything that may happen.
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