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Attention all members

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As of right now, all functions of this forum have been shut down except for posting. This means that sending PM's and emails and posting of photos is no longer possible. This is a TEMPORARY condition only until after we upgrade. We are doing this, so you all can still enjoy posting to each other here.Otherwise, we would have some major downtime and you would have no access to the forums.

Please note that we are upgrading starting today. I do not know how long this process will take, but until everything is running smoothly these features are shut off-

Posting photos
Sending emails
Sending PM's
Using the search features.

This message will be going into every forum- Mentors please make note of this, and we are sorry if this adds to your workload of sending out greetings-

If for some reason this doesn't work- then we will shut down the forums until they are running smoothly

Thank you for your understanding and your consideration

Posting for Anne Moss webmaster and the Admin team-
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Thanks for the heads up....I hope the upgrading goes smoothly.....
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Is that also why the "new posts" button is gone that used to be up near "quick links" and "member lists"?
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Just want to say good luck and thanks for letting us have some limit functionality. I've been through a few system upgrades and know how much "fun" they can be.
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Can't wait to see what the changes are!!
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Thanks for the heads up!
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Thanks I saw this one up... I almost sent you a very interrogating email when I couldn't find the search button. (Its a good thing I check the announcements when I find something like that)
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It'll be back? Oh good, I thought I'd done something after being off-line for a week due to moving house.

It's my favourite button!

Good luck with the changover. When do you think it'll be done by?
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Sometime this weekend.
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Are y'all upgrading to 3.5? I did two forums of my own and was wondering about that cause I didn't do that to upgrade mine. Upgraded one from 3.0.7 to 3.5 straight up and the other went thru all the betas. (It's still sitting at RC3 cause of a portal tho). Liz
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The actual upgrade is that we are moving to a new server.
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WOW!! Can't wait to see what all the changes are... Too bad the search function is off though Hope that gets back on soon.

Good luck guys... hope everything works out without too many furballs... hr hr
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Is email notification of posts in subscribed threads turned off during the upgrade? I haven't gotten any for several days.
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Tim the features that are used widely are all turned off for now. We apologize, but it is either turn these features off, or take the board down and offline during the move.
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No prob. Your OP does mention "sending emails" -- must have been some blockage in my brain to not understand that included email notification.
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Heyyy I was just wondering if the upgrade was going smoothly......
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It's going smoothly, in that we haven't crashed yet......
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Originally Posted by Deb25
It's going smoothly, in that we haven't crashed yet......

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I sure do miss that search function, though.....
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You're not alone, Tim -- we all do -- but that's the price of being able to keep enjoying our favourite site during the upgrade.
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