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Kitten health questions (new owners)

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We just bought two domestic 6 week old kittens from a pet shop Sunday and had some questions.

They seem to poop a lot! They tend to go roughly 4 times a day each. Also, it seems slightly runny. Not very runny, but it's not 100% solid. They also seem to have a lot of gas. Other than that, they seem very healthy. No runny eyes or nose, very playful and active, and also seem to get enough sleep.

We are feeding them Eukanuba kitten food (same as what they got at the pet shop) which is available to them at all times. They've had a "nemics/drontal" shot (not 100% sure if that's right since I mislocated the form that said what shot they had). We need to take them to a vet this week to get their "initial shots" which the shop told us would cost around $20 (we had the option of waiting one day and paying $20 more to have all their shots or to take them at the time without the shots for $20 less).

I hope we didn't make a mistake and buy sick cats! They seemed 100% normal at the shop. We played with them for about an hour before deciding to take them home.

P.S. They are beautiful boy kittens (brothers). One is all black with grayish blue eyes (Ace) and one is mostly black with a white belly and paws with grayish blue eyes (Aero).
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It's possible the stress of a new home could be causing loose stool. It's also possible they have worms still, or other intestinal parasites. When you go in for the vaccines, I would bring a stool sample from both of them to have tested.
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Almost certainly it is worms, which all kittens have. The vet will sort it out.
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Congratulations on your new babies. Six weeks is a little young to be taken from their mother, but then again you got them in a pet store so that says it all.

Sounds like they will be fine. They do need to see the vet and get their shots and be de-wormed and it seems as if you are doing all the right things.

Keep us informed as to how they are doing and please post pictures as we all love seeing pictures.

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thanks a lot for the replies. We'll be getting them to the vet this week. I just wanted to make sure they weren't sick.

They're laying on my lap now as i type
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I hope they are both just fine!
Welcome to TCS!
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Sounds like it could be worms or stress. defiently have the vet do a fecal and just keep an eye on them make sure they are eating, drinking, playing sleeping..and so on.

Congrats on the new babies.
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It could just be the food that they are getting. I would try something else to see how they go. But a vet check would be a good idea too - See what the vet thinks!
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Welcome to TCS. You will learn alot from these guys, they are a smart bunch here!! I'm sure they are fine, but a good vet exam would be a good idea. You might even think about nuetering them in a couple of month to prevent alot of undesirable behavior such as spraying and them disapearing outside for days at a time. It also reduces the risk of many diseases.

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thanks guys. they will go to the vet this week. they seem very normal to me otherwise, other than their stinky gas!

and they will be neutered at 5 months although they will always be house cats since we live in a loft in philly.
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