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Just took my cat in this evening to have a lump on his neck examined. The doctor suspects it might be a tumor based on its firmness. I'm naturally quite worried about it. I left my cat there as the vet thought it best to opperate tomorrow as not to risk whatever it is will get bigger and cause problems. I guess its in a bad spot, where if it grew more could press on his throat and cause gagging or press on his major veins or thyroid.

I was wondering if anyone else has experience with a situation like this.
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I havn't had any of my cats go through it, but have watched a few. Every one that I have seen has been very easy and quick. They aren't under very long and they bounce right back. I hope it goes just as well for him!!
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My cat, Peachey, is back home now looking perfectly pathetic. All his hair was shaved around his neck and his limps because his paw is tender where they put the IV. The vet made him a nice green bandana with his name on it to put around his neck so he looks at least a little better.

The results on the mass haven't come in yet but the vet says to be prepared as he is pretty sure it was cancerous. The tumor went across half his neck and close to his spine, about 3-4 inches long. It was woven between the two majoy veins in his neck.

I am keeping my other cat locked up for the night and tomorrow while I am at work. She was so excited she wasn't giving him a moment's peace and I didn't want him to suffer any more stress.
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Oh my, I hope it's not cancer. I am however glad he made it through the surgery okay. Now he is home where he can be loved and cuddled. When you get the results, please let us know how he's doing.
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Will do, the vet said he would call me on Monday evening.

Peachey has perked up a little more since he came home. But he has some soreness but he's a trooper and not complaining. But I can tell, when he moves a certain way he blinks his eyes and moves right back, thats understandable though after all he went through.
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your kidden is okay - I'm prayin for ya! How old is Peachey? What a good liddle kidden...
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He's a senior. He'll be turning 11 in March. The vet said if it wasn't for that tumor his health would have been exceptional for his age.

My other cat Isabel is delighted beyond belief at having him back. She tried to break him free from the carrier when he came back and was rubbing up against him. The two of them aren't usually that buddy buddy. Peachey lets her rub against him once then complains about it.
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The vet called sooner than Monday like they said. I got a call. They said understanding tumor growth is more like an art than a science but they do not believe it is malignant. That's a relief! I am going to plan more frequent vet appointments though so they can make sure nothing is growing back.
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Oh I am SO happy for you two!!! Now I will keep my fingers crossed that he stays tumor free
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:tounge2: yyyyaaaaaaayyyy!
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