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It Makes My Heart Smile!

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I am just crazy about al my little furbabies, and sometimes, something happens that I just have to share. Well, our oldest cat, K.C. Loves to go up and down the stairs with me. Just try to picture this. I go up the stairs on all fours . K.C. goes up the stairs walking under me. At every second step we stop, and he raises his head for a kiss between the ears. Thats a picture only a cat lover can understand! Well, for the past few weeks he has been making a mournfully sad howling sound every night. We chaulked it up to him getting older. Well, yesterday I decided to try something. When he started the moaning I called him to go upstairs. We did our little ritual, and he was satisfied for the rest of the night. Tonight, the same thing, again. I think it is his way of asking for a little special attention.
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Sparky does something like that. Usually rather late at night he walks through the house meowing. If I meow back to him, he eventually comes into my room and wants petted. None of the other cats answer him, so it's clearly a cat-to-human thing, not a cat-to-cat thing.
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Awwww, Tiggeytoes, that is so sweet!!!

Sunlion, I too do that with Merlin...when I am in bed at night sometimes I will hear him in the living room meowing loudly, so I start meowing back to him, nd in he comes, and jumps on the bed and wants petted. Glad I'm not the only person who meows to my cat!! :laughing:
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Thats so sweet Tiggytoes! I love it when my kitties curl up on my pillow at night when I sleep and put their paws on my head.
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OH my gosh, good golly gee. He needs his MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is so sweet! My Merlin has been a real sucky boy lately. Every night when I sit on the couch to read or watch tv, he curls up on my lap & naps until I get up. If I don't get up for 2 hrs he is there purring for 2 hrs. Every night he comes to bed with me and kneeds my shoulder for about 15 minutes. He then curls up beside me with his head in my hand and falls asleep. He is such a momma's boy!
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aren't they just the sweetest babies ever?
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We once had a wonderful gray and white stray cat we were feeding. For the entire winter he broke our hearts by standing outside our sliding glass door looking in at our happy little fur family. In spring-time he developed a limp, so, of course we captured him and brought him to the vet. The pads of his feet were all torn up and infected. The vet suggested that we keep him in the house. So, from that time until we found a home for him, he was on the inside of the sliding glass door looking out. In the 3 months he lived with us he would sleep on my head, kneeding my scalp with his claws. Sometimes it got painful, and sometimes I had to get up in the middle of the night to untangle his claws from my hair. But I still miss him doing that. Every cat seems to have his own little indearing qualities!

When our little Trixie was alive, she used to wake us in the morning by hitting us in the mouth with her paw ever so gently. If we ignored her she would hit just a little harder....and finally use just the tiniest bit of claw....not enough to hurt, but enough to heed her demand to pay attention to her! We miss that so much, now that she is gone.
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Awwww, how cute Tiggeytoes !!!

Cats are the most amazing creatures, aren't they !?! They know exactly what to say, and do, to get us to comply with their wishes.
We used to have a Maine Coon cat called Ginger who would, at night, sit on my mother's chest, near her neck and stare into her face whilst she slept. If she didn't stir, he'd meow loudly. If there was no reaction from her, he'd stand one paw on her nose. As a last resort, he'd get up, and move to her forehead, facing her toes and gently, and alarmingly, pull up her eyelid, and almost stick his fuzzy face in her eye, whilst purring. He did it so gently, and with the slightest touch of his paw too, but that was, he knew, about all my mother could take, before she woke up with a start, and gave him all the petting he craved !!! Cats are truely manipulative, if highly endearing, creatures. I for one could never live without them !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I just had to tell you that i loved your story about K.C. I have three cats myself, so you can imagine how many stories I have to tell. Well, anyway, I hope you and K.C will share another wonderful moments together.

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I read that a cat only meows to its mom, not other cats. Neither of my cats meows, they make chirping or purring sounds, unless they are looking for me or my fiance. They really are great animals, I can't imagine not having them around.
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