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The most annoying thing Cosy does is also one of the cutest things (isn't that always the way? ). She is very vocal when she wants attention, so if I'm not up by the time SHE thinks I should be up, she'll either a)meow at the top of her lungs b)smack me on the nose with her paw c)sit on my head and run her claws through my hair or d)all of thee above. Doesn't get more annoying than that, but it's so cute nonetheless .

The most annoying thing Eppie does is what she's doing now that it's cold- I sleep on my side and she has to be curled up against my chest (I guess for warmth) ALL....NIGHT...LONG. If I move, she moves with me. It's really sweet and I really don't mind snuggling, but sometimes she makes it very difficult to adjust my position.
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Spock (live long and prosper) paws at the mini blinds until they break. He also tries to bury everything in the closet after he uses the litter box.
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i kitties love to use the litter box a soon as iam dont cleaning it.... i cant even get the cover back on & they are in it.... at nite they like to come in my room & try to climb up my curtains, play with the mini blind string &, when they run around the house it sounds like a heard of elephants up & down the step jumping & running around on the back of the couch... actually that kinda cute & funny to watch but when your trying to sleep it isnt all that cute!!!!!
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Hehe, my girls only do a couple of REALLY annoying things, the rest of the time they're just fine. They will all jump up on the window ledge and try to get behind the blinds to be let out, and usually only at 3am when we are fast asleep. It is very noisy, and the blinds are heavy, so it takes them ages! They also knock stuff over while they're at it.

And Sunday's tail!! My goodness, I mean, we know it's beautiful but the way she waves it around This morning when she was doing the `get behind the blind' thing, she knocked a glass of water off the bedside table with it and it smashed all over the floor at 6am. Needless to say that definitely woke me up!! And she's a real princess, if she doesn't get her own way she will jump up onto the mantelpiece and knock off all the photos and candles. She knows that's the one thing she does that makes me do whatever she wants....little tyke....
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hmmm... meow meow like to scratch on my carpet despite the numerous scratching posts we have at home...

boy boy likes to wake us up early in the morning for his breakfast like 3am.. and we have to sit there to see him finish it off before we can go to bed, otherwise, he will scream at you again!
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Originally Posted by keith p
If I dont open the door for my cat to look out, or play with her, she comes up to me and bites my ankle. It doesnt hurt but if im resting it scares me for a second.
ted brogan will do that too, or he will dart in front of you while you're not paying attention and almost trip you... GAHHHH@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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My cats takes up my bed at night.. First I move them, then I go turn the light off and its dark so i can't really see but when i flop down there they are.. Right there again lol.. And i have a twn size bed and alot of cats lol
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I always have a glass of milk and usually a donut in the morning while Im using the computer . They beg for donuts and try to drink out of my glass of milk...If its not a chocolate donut I have to let them have a piece and pour them a little bit of milk to get some peace from them..
But the worse thing is When I'm bent over or sitting in the computer chair they make a four paw landing in the middle of my back with claws hanging on OUCH!! I wonder if this is a Siamese thing or do alot of cats do this?
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Sneezing. Charlie's sneezing. you know how it is to have a cat sneeze on you? *barfs* the cute annoying thing he does is his little high pitched meow, sometime's it get's so annoying tat the only way to stop him his to meow bakc every time. He stop's after 5 minute's of that.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
..... When I'm bent over or sitting in the computer chair they make a four paw landing in the middle of my back with claws hanging on OUCH!! I wonder if this is a Siamese thing or do alot of cats do this?
Nope, Max does this too (but he's only little so it doesn't hurt too much!)
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ok, most annoying things.... Pixel will drop her ball about 4 feet from me & meow loudly, because she wants me to get up & throw it for her. she will also do this in the middle of the night...
Cable will run in front of me on the way to the kitchen, then collapse right in front of my path... it's amazing i haven't stepped on her more often!
Java has a couple - first, because she's still a kitten [enormous one] she chases the 'toe mice' at night. also, she absolutely refuses to sit on my lap - i can't figure out why, because when she was sickly she was there all the time, blowing her stinky gas in my face but now that she's all well, no way!
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Oh dear, my cats have quite a few annoying habits....!

Laura is the most bothersome, she loves to follow *anybody* to the bathroom and when I sit down she'll jump on the tub, walks by my face and rubs all of her fur and her tail onto me*cough*
She also loves to play catch or hide and seek with us...anytime *she* wants to - it's lovely when you come back from the shopping and she swats your ankle or darts at your feet from a dark corner screaming at the top of her lungs!
Plus she is a little runaway who doesn't only want the balcony door as a permanent exit but also the front door and since we don't want her downstairs or in the cellar, we keep that door closed, but she'll put her claws under the crack and then starts rocking the (solid wooden!) door which will wake up everybody!!!!
If we do happen to leave the door open a millimeter, she's gone and dashes downstairs to eat the plants She and Carter both love the little "we sit behind mummy's heel and wait til she steps on us" game in the kitchen!

Carter is a much more mellow, peaceful cat and except from the open-the-door-close-the-door trick, he "only" kicks his litter *way* out of the box making the hallway a minefield at night *ouch* and to crown it all he has a way of sticking the litter between his toes, then running all around the place and usually drops it on the couch or the bed sheets, another nightly minefield
What I think is rather funny is his habit of humping the blanket on the sofa, he does it forever and a day!
Eventually he'll just drop dead (or so it seems) and goes to sleep right away, but he once humped a pillow instead and after an hour or so I found myself with a cat sperm-covered pillow-case! Yes, i did manage to clean it, but it was a messy job in the sink...
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My Oz chews cardboard. After we moved into our new apartment, we flattened the cardboard boxes and put them under our bed, because you never know when you might need a decently-sized cardboard box. Next thing we knew, Oz was chewing the edges of the cardboard, gnawing away delicately and leaving tiny pieces of chewed-up brown mush, and rendering the cardboard boxes too full of holes to be useful! When we eventually dragged the boxes out from under the bed, there was a neat little outline of the boxes, done in pieces of mushy cardboard. He doesn't actually eat the boxes, just chews and spits the pieces out again. Silly boy.

Spike ... Ahhh, Spike. My brain-damaged cat. He has a lot of annoying habits, to be perfectly honest. It's a good thing he's cute! (And incredibly affectionate. And astonishingly laidback.) His most annoying habit? He forgets where he's left us. He could spend the entire afternoon in the living room with me, cuddling and snuggling, but if he leaves the room, he forgets where I was and wanders the apartment crying for me. This used to be worse, when we lived in a large house with another couple--it was a lot easier to "lose" me there. Now, we're in a one-bedroom apartment, so fortunately there's only so many places for him to look before he finds me again. (Not that this stops him from losing me in the first place ...) Of course, I only encourage this behaviour, because when he loses me and starts crying, I naturally call out to him so that he can "find" me, and this just reinforces the behaviour. But it's sooo hard not to respond, because he sounds so pathetic!
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occasionally, one will leap on my shoulder and cut a particularly heinous, meaty fart.
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Sash certainly tests my patience when he wakes me up every two hours all night. It's not bad that I get up once for him and give him a few kibbles, he must do it a second and third time too! He's such a little stinker, but I worry like crazy if for some reason he doesn't wake me up.
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Well, every time I take the water bowl to the kichen to re-fill it, they act like they're going to die of dehydration if I don't sit it back down immediately. It takes probably 20 steps to get back to the living room with the bowl (which is maybe 10 feet away), because I have to avoid stepping on cats. It's like they're *dying* to be stepped on. They do the same thing with canned food, except that they also try to climb up my pant legs.

They also try to get at anything that I'm eating. Even if I give them canned food first, they'll ignore it and try to get at whatever is on my plate.

And they can't lie anywhere (when I'm reading, anyways), than between my eyes and the page. Neither of them likes to sleep on top of me, but if I'm in bed with a book, my chest becomes a very popular place. Doubly not good since I'm on a new hormone medication, and I'm *sore*.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
occasionally, one will leap on my shoulder and cut a particularly heinous, meaty fart.
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It annoys me when Sleeves gives mark more cuddles than he gives me and how he thinks he's invinsible and wont hurt himself if he climbs up onto something really high up and unstable, which will fall over, with him hanging onto it. Also annoying is a bum in the face at 5am when he's getting comfy on my chest. If he turns around and gives me kisses then it's the best thing in the world but not when I get the bum...
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I would have to say waking up at three AM with zazu sucking on your earlobe
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Tosca really stretches our patience to new levels by actively seeking out things to destroy - and doing it in the middle of the night. I don't sleep these days........
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