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Most annoying things your cat does

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We all know how cute they can be, how loving some are, and how aloof. But there must be the odd thing they do that really tests your patience.

Oz will sit on the door step (we can see him through the glass door), waiting to be let in. We open the door for him, and he sits looking at you, looks casually around, and just sits there. I call him, rattle and crackle treats, but he sits there. So I go to step outside to grab him, and he runs off. I shut the door, and 2 mins later he's back. This time he might come in, or he might start the same routine.

Don't you just love em??
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That sounds just like my Disco (RB)

Tibby has a terrible habbit of waking up at daft o'clock in the morning and patting my face, combing my hair and standing on me! He will also swing the mirror so that it hits the wall repetitively!

Molly just tends to hide! She also likes to style my hair in the early hours! You can just imagine how I look first thing with these two as stylists!
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barnaby does a lousy job of *covering his biz* in the litter tray then it stinks the flat out,he must have no sense of smell or something
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Cassie likes to jump on either the night stand, the tall dresser, or from the night stand TO the top of the tall dresser and start knocking things over (like my BF's glasses case, a book on the stand, whatever is in her way).

It's funny when you think about, but 4 o'clock in the morning, you want to scream! (but she's so cute, I can't possibly get mad at her)
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Latley Reilly has been getting on my nerves with this new thing that he does. I go into the bathroom..he cries and digs at the door so loud he'll wake my boyfriend up so..I let him in..then he claws and digs to get out. He will do this over and over again!!

I must admit it is cute but it drives me nuts!
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I absolutely love it when Pepper and Pixie decide it's time to play at 4:00 a.m. Or they decide it's time for me to get up and I get walked on, fingers chewed, etc...
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Harley tends to like to "try" to drink out of glasses full of water, and then he tends to knock them over and play in the water thats dripping off the table...and then he acts like he's mad at ME for putting the water there in the first place cuz then he gets all wet..

He tends to put all of his litter outside of the litter box, no matter how much is in there or not, it all ends up on my freshly vaccuumed floor.

Oh yeah, and he loooovesss (ugh) to climp up my screen door on the patio, he has ruined our screen, time to get a new one next spring

Other than that (there's so much more-haha) but I love him to death and I love my little terror!!
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Cute but drive-me-nuts things:

Snickers is my "alarm cat"; he trills really LOUD & nibbles on my nose every morning. Every now & then he will miss a morning and I panic. I actually miss being annoyed by him & I prefer him to my 'real' alarm clock!

Hammie follows me, ALL OVER THE PLACE! Where I am; Hammie is. The annoying thing? Coming down the steps with a basket full of laundry and having a worshipful little guy doing figure-8's around your legs is a Baaaad thing!!!

K.C.'s nightly ritual of drooling & chewing on my hair, making her nest before she beds down. I love it & I'd miss it if it were to stop; but when she flings a whole mouthful of drool all over my head and into my eyes... that part is only a *tad* annoying...

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The things I think are the cutest are the things that are the most annoying. He's sooooo clingy. If he sees me, he thinks he should be in my arms and he won't stop until he is. He won't let me put him down--he screams and clings on to me.

Another thing that is annoying is when I'm in bed he'll paw, lick, headbutt my face, and hands and wake me up. Sleeping doesn't even stop his insatiable appetite for affection(!), except when HE'S sleeping, but he usually wants to sleep in my arms, so... He also wants me to lift the blankets for him, then he'll sit there like: "what? I didn't want under there." When I go back to sleep, he does it again!
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JC demands to be let out during the night, which simply isn't allowed, so he knocks things over, and "stomps" around, I don't know how he makes his footsteps so loud, because throughout the day I don't hear him approaching. also, he likes to lay down in front of the computer, on the mouse pad, so I can't type or else he joins me in typing at the keyboard...
Joey loves to leap from the floor to the curtain rods, hang a moment, then jump down; plenty of snags in my drapes - good thing I paid only $2 for them, at a yard sale.
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Cry to get out at 5:30am then come back in and make as much noise as possible until I get SO mad I literally SCARE him out of the room!!!
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If I dont open the door for my cat to look out, or play with her, she comes up to me and bites my ankle. It doesnt hurt but if im resting it scares me for a second.
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Lets see..........

Ox-well he poops on the kitchen floor (much better than the carpeting)
Grizzly likes hogging the end of the sofa in the living room when I am trying to take a nap.
Bobber meows all the time -she sits by the kitchen door wanting it to magicaly open or even worse then sits on the sill outside one of the family room windows then once I let her in she runs upstairs and sits by the kitchen door wanting to go back out.
Bakker-well he likes to lick and he lays on my pillow and has to flop his body on top of my forehead and well lick my face then. I have to market this as a spa treatment!!
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Right now??? My cat meows at me constantly to let her outside!!!
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Normally I think Buffy's meowing is cute (I would never give it up for anything in the world) but sometimes it drives me crazy. Like last night, she wouldn't stop howling, so I was moving her from place to place, trying to figure out what she wanted. I put her on the window, she stopped meowing for 3 seconds, then started wailing again. I put her at another window, same thing. I put her at a window with the window open (screen in place). Sweet, beautiful silence for 10 minutes. Then wailing again because she wanted down, so I bring her down. She starts wailing again because she wants back up. Then she wails when I go to the bathroom. Then she wails when Jake, my dog, lifts his head to look at her. Then she wails because I'm not paying any attention to her. Then she runs away and goes up the stairs to the back door and sits there for an hour, wailing and crying, hoping someone will "accidently" open the door and let her out.

And, naturally, she snuck out this morning
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Buster will jump on the bedroom windowsill and chew on the blinds, it makes a weird sound. And he always does it about 5 minutes before my alarm clock goes off!
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Tiger will lay in the middle of the floor like a speed bump and when you try to step over him, he grabs and bites my ankles lol
He also likes to do the "I will walk in front of you and dare you to step on me" act every morning when Im getting up to start the coffee
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when im trying to sleep at night (Bonk Bonk ) goes in and out of the blinds to get in the window and it bends my blinds and makes a noise
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Zakk has a habit of swatting me on the leg. I have no idea what he wants! So far it is training me to say "what, what do you want?" and then give him some treats. It usally happens around the same time every night. Also, every morning he jumps on the counter when I give him the wet food, starts eating it before it gets out of the can, and then continues to eat up there until I take the food and put it down.
Rocky can't help it but he sneezes everywhere. It doesn't bother me but it puts off the company. He also likes to chew! Lampshades and the bottom of brooms are big favorites.
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Kinah just has to "kill" everything that moves! It's especially annoying when I'm half-awake and she keeps attacking my feet when they move under the blanket. She also loves to attack my pencil when I'm trying to get my homework done.

Joshua meows very loud and sometimes he will meow non-stop for no reason at all. Sometimes it's cute and sometimes it drives me crazy!
Oh, and whenever I clip his nails, he fights me so much. You'd think I was trying to kill him.
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Originally Posted by blue_monday_88
Cassie likes to jump on either the night stand, the tall dresser, or from the night stand TO the top of the tall dresser and start knocking things over (like my BF's glasses case, a book on the stand, whatever is in her way).

It's funny when you think about, but 4 o'clock in the morning, you want to scream! (but she's so cute, I can't possibly get mad at her)
My Bella does the same thing!!! I have to lock her out of my bedroom to get any sleep! She jumps on my tall bureau, knocks things over, tight-rope-walks across my head board, plays with my blinds, drags toys into my room & bed, it goes on and on until I wake up. I know she does it for attention - she either wants food or for me to let one of the other cats in/out. She's the communicator (speaks for all of the others).
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Well there are a lot of things but when I have a glass of drink around Holly, she will knock it over with her paw and then just paw the drink and then walk off.
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Geisha seldom covers her poo, and she's long-haired and very fluffy (well, med-long), so she sometimes gets a piece stuck on her fur. I used to give her a lower body bath anytime I saw it (in the bathroom sink) and I'd always be late for work! Nowadays I just snip it off with a tiny bit of fur. Other times when I am not around, the poo will dry and harden and then drop off somewhere around the apartment, and I think, Oh, Geisha's left me another present!

Kuri has some bad breath issues right now b/c he's getting food stuck on his adult teeth coming in. He loves to lick my face and breath on me.

But I love my babies!!!!
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Attacks dogs!
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Another thing that Napoleon does...and it's so freaking cute...but it can be annoying too (especially when I am trying to get some extra sleep)...I have two stuffed animals on my bed...a stuffed harp seal and a stuffed manatee. (Yeah I'm a dork). Anyway, Cassie likes to make biscuits on my stuffed animals (I have a giant Pooh bear that she lays on and suckles, which is ADORABLE). Napoleon, though makes biscuits (aka "kneads his paws") on these two stuffed animals, but with his back paws as well. He PURRS so loud, you can hear him across the room. But mind you, he does this on my bed (at the foot of my bed, so I can still hear him)...THEN one or both of the stuffed animals will fall to the floor and he starts meowing at it, LOUDLY, and still makes biscuits on them!! It scares me, because I think he's in trouble, but then I realize he's just kneading and going crazy (I guess he misses his mom or he's just extremely happy in our house ), I get mad for about three seconds (for disturbing my sleep) but then I realize just how cute it is.
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Phoebe bites her's the most annoying sound in the world!
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I have a litter box in the far corner of my bedroom and one in the living room. The cats have to use the box in the room I'm in for some reason, and Alfie always has to go at about 5am. He'll use the box, and then scratch at the litter and kick it all over the floor, then carry on and scratch the sides of the box, the carpet etc etc for ages! He usually only stops when I gently tell him to, or when I throw a sock in his direction

Max just has to climb or jump on me if I stand still for more than a minute. If he wants to get onto the bookcase, apparently the easiest way is to run up my leg and jump from there. I have too many scratches to count

Still love them to bits though
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My Cat Sibohan has an interesting way of waking me up. She lays in the center of my chest and uses her paws on a rotateing basis to plug a nostril to see which side of my nose i'm breathing out of Until I wake up and pet her belly. She also has a habbit of running into the closet and yelling at the back wall.... strange yes
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Well John and I have nick-mamed Mabby, Poppy and Doofus the "Whats going on police".... No matter what happens the slightest noise, and they could be out doesnt matter...Doofus will let out this high pitch squeel...Like a siren...and the three of them will run in a pack to "investigate"...That gets really irritating when your dealing with groceries and dishes and laundry....but they are so cute ....Emmet on the other hand could care less whats going on...

Emmet though knowing that mommy has to pee in the morning, and if she gets up to pee he'll get fed, will kneed my belly right above my bladder... ..Hes an intelliget little bugger
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Chews strings off my scrub pants or shoelaces and then throws them up wherever she feels like it!
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