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Just want to get your opinions. I have taken in a stray kitten (5 months old male, unneutered, but he's getting fixed tomorrow). He was dewormed in his first visit with strongid. But he still has loose stool, pot belly, foul smelling fecal matter and foul breath, and a HUGE appetite. Called the vet's office again and they did a stool test, and said there was only roundworms in his stool. The vet said it takes several doses of strongid to deworm. My question is, how many doses of this stuff before I think the strongid is not working? Am I being too paranoid? The kitty is acting fine--playful, perky. But I guess he must feel uncomfortable with the loose stools. Is there anything I should do in between strongid doses? Also, should I give him access to all the food that he wants? Or should I limit him to the amount he should have based on his weight?

Thanks a million.
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In some cases it takes about 2 to 3 doses of strongid to get rid of them all together. Right now, I would just let him eat what he needs to. He is trying to replace the nutrition the worms are taking.
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give romeo strongid and then a week later darvocet for tapeworm like every 8 weeks...... just what I used to do because he was a critter feaster..... , yea I think you probably have to just keep dosing till they're gone...

nasty little things, aren't they.....
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