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My foster-kittens for season 2005-2006. - Page 2

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what cuties!!
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More pics. It's hard to get a decent shot of them as they're never still!

All blurry. Bonnie does have a front foot, it's just blended into the white nappy.


Bonnie with no legs!


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AAARRRRGGGHHH .... I have to stop looking at kitten pictures !!! They are SO CUTE they make me want more !!
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Bonnie with no legs!

She looks like a guinea pig!!!!
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Oh Tania, they're a precious pair!

Kitten season is just starting for you all, isn't it? Thank God it's almost over here...I'm exhausted! I don't know how you do it with bottle feeding. My group had mama kitty doing the late night feeds, but now they're 10 weeks old, and the five of them are running me ragged! Kudos to you!
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Too cute for words!
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Tonight's pics

Mr Clyde

Bon Bon

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Awwww they are so cute!!
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Awwww, those babies are heart-meltingly sweet!!!
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Oh my they are darlings.......makes ya wanna just love them to pieces.
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So very precious, Tania!
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Four kittens arrived this afternoon. A man was cleaning out his shed and noticed the four kittens in a box. He left them there, hoping Mumcat would come back but she never did. They are newborns - deaf and blind and just basically bundles of instinct. They still have the remnants of their umbilical cords attached.

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Tania, your work is never done. What cuties
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Just in answer to a couple of questions I've had. I don't think Mumcat was run over. As she is a feral/stray, she was frightened by the man's presence, enough to not return to her babies. Also, the fluffy thing they are snuggling up to is called a snugglekittie. It's a soft toy in the shape of a cat. It has an electronic 'heart' that the kittens can feel and hear beating. This really comforts them.
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Cuteness...overload....! Must... resist.... cuddle impulse!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What tiny and precious little babies! I'm glad that man knew enough and cared enough to keep an eye on the kittens and find help for them when Mumcat didn't return.

And Bonnie and Clyde are just as cute as ever!
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it's a good thing i live too far away to adopt one of these - i don't think i could resist the 'cow' kitten! they're so cute - even at this young age
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They are so precious , bless you for taking those little cuties in!
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Bonnie & Clyde look like little Tasmanian devils in those first shots! With names like that, maybe they'll grow up to be as much trouble!

Aww...those little babies. Good on you for taking care of them. I just love the snugglekitty - what a great idea!
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