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Open House - Question

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I got a call from a business that I submitted a resume to. They invited me to go to their open house tomorrow night. I'm not sure what the size of the business is, or how many people will be there. She just said to bring a resume - I don't know if they'll be conducting any type of interviews, but she said that they're looking out for certain people that they've called. I have a black suit, but I don't like myself in black. I'm planning on wearing a houndstooth suit, but then I've read that interviewees should wear a monochromatic suit (all one color). I've been searching for a dark green or navy suit, but the mall nearby has nothing (amazing, I know). I thought about going to the downtown mall on my way to class, but I have a big quiz tonight and don't want to mess with shopping. This came up just today, so I don't have much time. I don't want to wait till tomorrow - I have too much to do... Would the houndstooth suit be ok, do you think? Is it professional enough? I'm mainly looking for part-time work to do along with my schooling, but this is a full-time job that they're interested in talking to me about...
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Without seeing the houndstooth, it's hard to say. Houndstooth can get loud, so easily, but if it's a fairly small houndstooth, in a subdued colour, and you accessorize conservatively, I'd think it would be OK. Can you find out anything about the company's "style" in the meantime? Perhaps they have a website, that would let you see the flavour of the operation -- that could give a clue as to how conservative you need to be?

Whatever you decide to do, hope it goes well. Good luck!
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Hissy is right - if you look smart and as if you will fit in anywhere then it should be fine. I would not wear a large houndstooth check, or team it with bright pink or red. Otherwise, wear the black and brighten it a little (not too much) with a striped silk scarf or some jewllery (not huge!) Good luck.
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I agree with the others. Good Luck to you!
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I would wear the black and punch it up with a shirt, like a dark emerald green, or a sappahire or a deep somewhat dark purple in a nice rich (not bright) tone. Keep the jewlery simple and elegant. You can neve miss with a classy string of pearls. If you wear the jacket over the shirt then you will only get a small zing of color, but it shouldnt make it overpowering. If you pair it with a good pair of heels you should be on top of the world!

No matter what you decide to wear, confidence, confidence. I like the idea of going on their website and seeing what image they like to project. (also doesnt hurt to learn a thing or two so you can ask informed questions later, I heard you were number one in doodad production, what were your production numbers like. )

Either way good luck!!!
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The houndstooth pattern is really small. It looks like a plain gray suit until you come close. I ran into Kohl's this morning, but they didn't have much of anything. They had some nice navy jackets, but they came with pants, and I want a skirt... Too bad cause they were having a good sale. Anyway, I found a black shirt to wear under the houndstooth suit, so I think that will be alright. I don't think they posted a website on the job ad, but I'll do a little searching and see what I come up with. Thanks, you guys!
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I think houndstooth is okay, as long as the REST OF YOU is pulled together.

No wild hairdo; keep it professional (swept up in a bun or styled professionally).

Not a ton of make-up, either. Keep it light.

Smile, stand up straight, square your shoulders.

And don't wear stilettos or hooker-type shoes; something comfortable that looks nice.

Above all, your confidence and preparedness will help a great deal. Don't say "Uh" alot or slouch.

AFTER you get hired, you can wear stilettos, slouch, and say UH alot... but to get hired... really show yer stuff!

Oh and re: finding professional, conservative clothing out in the stores? Forgetaboutit. All the stuff is lacy and shows boobs or really clingy and hookerish. For some reason fashion has become trashion.
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