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Toys toys and more toys!

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I have another question for this great board! (Gosh I have learned SO much here!)

My girl Trixie is 2.5 yrs old and not a kitty anymore but certainly loves to play and I am having a hard time keeping her occupied. My Bella is just a cuddler/sleeper and so I dont have a ton of toys cuz she just never would play with them. They both have scratchers, a plastic swirling thing w/ a ball in it and lots of wand type toys where I need to play too. I also have a that automatic play wand on a battery that can move a ball around for them to pounce on.

My question is -- Trixie mopes and waits for the wand type toys... stalking them in the cupboard waiting for me to get them out. Previous owners used to let her outside so she will really chase/pounce and then drag off to her room to eat her prey (if I dont stop her). So any suggestions to keep her occupied when I am at work? (And at night -she is in her own room).

A cat tree with levels and things to swat at? Are there good toys that she can be left alone with? I am afraid of her choking but want to give her the stimulation she needs.
thanks for any ideas
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Ping pong balls are a great hit in my house, the kitties play with them for ages without any interaction from me. Balls of paper work wonders too! Alfie has a little furry mouse that he's obsessed with, he picks it, puts it in my shoes, then spends 10 minutes trying to get it back out again
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Tonka likes those little fur mouseys. He can throw one around and amuse himself nicely. Lexus likes a little more interactive play. I have what we call "The Octopus Baby" (it is a red puff ball with fabric "tentacles") for her. She brings it to me, drops it on my feet and then waits for me to throw it for her. She can play fetch with me for hours if I let her.

The babies (I currently have four 8 week-old kittens) like absolutely anything and mostly stuff that they shouldn't be playing with, but the new hit is that plastic ring from off the top of a gallon of milk. *grin* The boy kittens also like the fur mouseys ... one of the blue point boylies will grab one up in his mouth, run around the house with it and if any of the other kittens try to get it from him, he growls and hisses at them. *grin* The little girlie kitten likes to chase a ball, a puff ball, a rainbow ball, a ball with a bell in it, sparkle balls, ping pong balls, you name it, as long as it is round and rolls, Little Miss Girlie Girl will go for it.
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Gaye, watch that milk bottle-top ring. Sharp kitten teeth can gnaw through it and the kittens then sometimes eat the little bits of plastic that are left. My adult cats have done this.
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All of the above....and how about a big old pair of shoes or boots?
Both of my "boys" have a shoe fettish....they`ll love all over them and drop and retrieve toys in and out of them. (If you have an old pair of gym shoes with a bit of oder they`ll love them even more!)
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Java really likes these fur balls. they're real rabbit fur, & very light & soft. you can also get them here. i know she plays with them while i'm away, because i'll come home & find one in the middle of my bed
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