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2 part question for you cat connoisseurs

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Hi... I am a new mommy of a year old kitty that I got almost 3 months ago now. Got her from the humane society, they just said someone abandoned her, had no other information. She is wonderful in every way except two.

1.) My roommate has a cat and dog and she will attack the cat and bite her if I let her out of my room. She has been confined to my room for the 3 months, occasionally putting the other cat/dog in a room and letting her out to explore a little. I have put her on a harness and leash and let her out but she still tries to attack the cat and hisses and growls at both the animals... she is like an angel with me in my room and then turns into demon-cat when she sees them. She jumped and swatted at the lab (who could care less) and just gets violent when she sees the cat. Do you think if I keep taking her out, she will get used to them, or is there no hope... i would just keep her in my room for as long as i live there, as it's better than the humane society and i just love her to death, but that's where the 2nd problem comes in.

2.) She started to poop outside her litterbox. I thought it was because she was mad when I left or when she hears the other animals and my roommates in the house and she's in my room... but then she did it once in front of me right outside her litterbox. I had cleaned the box with a bleach spray but then cleaned it again with baking soda to get any smell out (which i dont think was the reason) and put the old litter back in which was just a different brand of clay... not too much different than what i changed to. she is still doing it when i'm not there... every day i come home to a present, and i try to clean the carpet the best i can with this cleaner from the pet store. last night i moved the litterbox to the other side of my tv and put the food farther away hoping maybe they were too close... (although the pooping outside the box is closer to the food than if she did it inside) and i put her food where the box used to be, but i doubt that is going to help. Do you think she is just mad that i'm not there with her (eventhough she did it once with me there) or do you think i should try all different kinds of litter and boxes? She was fine for the first month but maybe she doesnt like being couped up anymore.

Not sure what to do...
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On the second question I would take her for a checkup at the vet. Often pooping and peeing outside the box is a sign of sickness. On the first question, there are others more qualified than me, but I would let the two cats see each other more often - it may be that each time they meet it is like they were new acquaintances and they never have time to get used to each other's smell. Have you tried the introduction procedure as set out on this board?
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I agree with Jenny. Talk to your roomate about properly introducing your animals. And a vet check up will clear any health issues.
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When you clean up the mess on the carpet, do you place it in the litterbox, to show her where it belongs? It can't hurt to try that. I suspect she knows perfectly well where it belongs, though. I think she's trying to demonstrate her displeasure with some aspect of her situation.

I agree with the others who wrote -- a vet check would help rule out any physical cause. If she turns out to be in good health, though, I'll bet the problem is that she just doesn't like being cooped up in that room. Which means your other correspondents are also right about performing the ritual of introduction. It's a big job, but it sounds like your kitty needs to become part of the critter family in your house. (Be sure to clip everybody's claws before you try it, though!)

The only other thing I can think of is the litter itself -- is it one of those with crystals in it? Some cats at the shelter where I volunteer find the crystals intolerable. You might put out multiple boxes with different kinds of litter and see if she'll use ANY of them.
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Thanks guys, you are really helpful, I will definitley try putting out another litterbox, and bring her to the vet. i dont have much room for another in my room but i am going to try it. i just got a second job that keeps me away at night for a couple months but my roommate is bringing her out so hopefully she will get used to being out and not want to attack the cat and dog. i hope i can find a resolution, i dont like to come home to poop every day

here she is
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Good luck with sorting it out. She is a beautiful and unusual colour.
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Its also possible that the cat was turned into the shelter because it could not get along with other pets. Some cats just do not want to share and will hate any other dog/cat. Just a thought.
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yeah i'm hoping that's not it but i definitley thought of that. i wish i had some money to get my own place but i'm not that fortunate just yet. i just hope she doesnt get used to pooping on the rug and never go in the litterbox again.
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