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WHY is she using my cranky resident's litterbox?? Does she WANT trouble??!

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Trixie has taken to using Bella's litter box.. and I cant figure it out! The boxes are *exactly* the same with the same litter, cleaned 1-2/times per day. When Trixie was confined to her room for the 3 wk intro she used her own box just fine but since I let her out she hasnt used it regularly -- she uses Bella's!
Now one time it was my fault -- the first day I let Trixie out of her room I also moved the box to a spot where I wouldnt trip over it, but noticed she wasnt using it. I quickly concluded it was too close to her food and moved back to its original spot the next day. But that was 3 days ago and she has only used her's once, instead going into Bella's (I can tell by what is left in the litter box -- they have very differnt droppings).

The other thing is that Bella has IBD and going poo is always a somewhat stressful event .. I keep track of how often she goes, what it looks like, etc and report back to my vet. I dont want Trixie in there to cause her any stress..

And honestly it cant be doing Trixie any good to be using the bathroom of the resident kitty who hisses every time she sees you. What is she thinking??
(At least Praise God she is using a litter box! but still???)
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Does Bella actually mind? Has she hissed at Trixie when she's in the box?
Maybe Bella's box is in a nicer spot, quieter or more secluded? A cat will naturally go to the most comfortable place where she feels safest.

I have two cats and I can't imagine how difficult it would be to try to get them to use different boxes, they each use both of them whenever they feel like it (no rhyme or reason as to why or when they use each one!).
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I wonder if its because Trixie has to stay in her room at night and associates the litterbox in her room with being shut in? I let her out during the day with Bella, but at night I make her go back in her room w/ all of her things. She is too rambunctious at night and I have to get some sleep.
Would it help if I moved her box outside of her room during the day and back in at night?
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I wouldn't move the box around. Cats are creatures of habit, it may confuse or stress them and they'll start using the carpet where the box should be! How about getting another box?
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I got an additional litter box when I got Bailey. Sam immediately used it. Now they both use both boxes; poo in one, pee in another. That's the cat instinct, to use different places for the two "functions" and that may be what's going on with yours.

I think it would be difficult to keep one cat out of the other's box.
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I really think they use what ever litter box thatis the most handy.. closest ..accesibble to them. I don't think they associate the concept that this is my litter box and this one is that other cats litter box..
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thanks.. I guess bella doesnt mind either cuz she is still using her litter box so maybe its not a big deal. I thought maybe it would upset her because she is still so about Trixie even being around.
Last night they had a full on cat fight --with the yelling/spitting/hissing and paws/claws out.
Bella just wants to be left alone and Trix is tired of not being able to get close to her. Trix followed her around and got close enough to sniff her and Bella finally HAD IT. She sat in her bed all evening and wouldnt even get out to eat cuz Trix was walking around.

Jeez -- will there ever be peace in my house again? Bella is not herself at all -- will barely cuddle with me anymore and is generally just all the time. And I am caught in the middle cuz they both want to be with me, but Bella wants nothing to do with Trixie.

Here's hoping my Peacemaker essence gets here soon.
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