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I like regular Coca-Cola, bottled spring water, and regular black tea such as Tetley.
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I am a juice girl. I love applejuice, grapejuice, and orangejuice. I drink that most of the time along with water. When I have soda, I like Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi. I think coke has a weird taste and I can't stand it, but I will drink diet coke. I think it is because when I was a little girl my Mom always gave me Coke, so maybe I associate Coke with being sick.....one of those mental hang ups.
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Water, diet soda of any variety that's on sale, and vodka if I'm lookin to get schmammered.
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Originally Posted by chichismom
WellingtonCats I cant believe you have over 24,000 posts!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!
I'm totally addicted!
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I'm a Coke Classic girl, too. Diet Coke all the way, except if I'm eating outside - then I will splurge and order a regular Coke! Nothing tastes better with a burger and fries or pizza than a Coke!

I also drink lots of water, and like 7UP, peach Snapple, pink lemonade or strawberry lemonade, strawberry soda! I'm more of a soda than juice girl, though I do like orange juice and grapefruit juice.

My hubby loves Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke, which I can't stand!!! Sometimes when I pray before a meal, he will switch my Diet Coke with his Cherry Coke and watch me gag! I get so mad at him!!! But only for a second!! It's really funny!! I love him!
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