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Need help with feeding

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Hello, I'm new here and a new cat owner so I'm hoping I can find someone with some experience with what I'm going through.

A little background, my fiancee recently moved in with her about 3 year old male cat. I have a german shepard and after a few months of slow introduction they get along fine now.

Recently the cat has now taken to waking me up several times a night wanting to be fed. He gets fed twice a day, around 6 when we get home from work and about 6:30 when I get up. However, this cat is slightly overweight and very demanding about eating, most of the time he meows and rubs up against your legs hours before he supposed to be fed and takes off in a mad dash towards his food if you make any movement in that direction.

I'm wondering if we should change his eating habits in an attempt to get a full nights sleep and retain my sanity. Would and automatic feeder with smaller portions work at all? If anyone can help with this I'd be very grateful.

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I leave dry food down for my cats at all times. ..maybe if you left him a small amount it would get him through the night.
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I also leave a little bit of dry food out for my cats.

Just a thought - is the cat really waking you up for food? or is he just seeking attention?
When my cats were younger they would wake me up at all hours of the night - for playtime!
I am also fairly strict about feeding times - if I fed my cats on demand, I would never get out of the kitchen!

BTW welcome to TCS.
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