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Any home remedies?

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Do any of you know any remedies for an earache? I'm not even sure why it's hurting, but it feels like an ice pick is jabbing into my ear canal! It's not a steady pain, but it is recurring and sharp. The only thing I can assume caused it was collecting walnuts outside for maybe an hour on a windy day. The pain started yesterday afternoon and is terrible! No worries, if it doesn't feel better soon, off to the doctor with me. In the meantime, any ideas? Thanks!
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I`ve been having the same thing the past few days...only the pain is not that severe....just little shooting jabs that are gone as soon as i feel them. I`m thinking I might have a sinus infection as that side of my face is even tender to the touch.
If it worsens or does`nt get better I`ll have to go to the Dr....I have`nt had an antibiotic in 30 years...so i`m hoping my own immune system will kick in, as it usually does....but if not I will go and get one.....I hope you are felling better soon too.
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When I had earache as a child, my mum would warm some olive oil and drip it into my ear then put cotton wool in! It warms it and helps make it feel better!

I hope your earache eases soon!
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garlic with goldenseal extract or garlic with mullein extract in oil
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If you are having sharp stabbing pain the way you described I would get to the doc right away. That is the decription I have used when I have had an ear infection. you wouldn't want it to get worse!
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I've heard of putting breastmilk into the ear canal to heal an earache. If it is just tender from the exposure to cold wind, putting cotton in the ear to keep it warm may help.

Good luck! Hope you are both feeling better soon!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I've heard of putting breastmilk into the ear canal to heal an earache.
That is such a strange remedy! Imagine going to the doctors and being told that!

Maybe we should give Danielle (huggles) a shout and see if she can help?!
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or catherine!
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This is what my mom use to do when I was a child. I am 32 years old and still do it and for my children.

Put a bottle of baby oil or mineral oil in a pan/bowl of water at body temperature (98.6 degrees) and let it set until the oil is body temp, then place a drop or two in your ear. After doing so place a piece of cotton in your ear. It will help lessen the pain. If there is any way your eardrum is ruptured or punctured do not use this or anyother method, go see your doctor.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Originally Posted by fwan
or catherine!
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You should try & clear your sinuses. Using Ocean drops or a generic saline solution works great. Try to do this at least 3 times a day. If the saline solution doesn't work, then you could take Sudafed (pseudophedrine?) non-drying (with guiafensin) in addition to the saline solution. Also, the warm oil, or hot washcloths on the ear helps for immediate relief. This is the treatment recommended by my doctors when I have an ear infection, because I am allergic to many antibiotics and we are saving the use of antibiotics for major incidents, such as in case of emergency surgery, severe kidney infections, etc.
If you have health ins. you should prob. get checked out by the doctor. It could be something serious such as ear infection, or even an abcessed tooth about to flare up! Please keep us posted. Susan
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If it is an ear infection (the true, bacterial icky kind) you will need medication. Period! Or your ear drum could BURST! Major Owwie?

What I do when my ear hurts (mine hurts cuz of having TMJ in my jaw):
Take a big ol sock. Fill it with dry, uncooked white rice (Minute Rice is good). Tie it off with a string. Nuke it for like 20 seconds; feel the sock, if it feels nice and hot, lay down on it (pillow, then the sock, then your ear). Lay down on it fer a while.

The rice holds the heat in fer a while & it'll make your ear feel nice. It'll also turn your face a tad red but that's okay.
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