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My just delivered momma is eating like crazy! Well I know she is feeding four plus herself but should I limit? I don't want to but she is eating a can plus up to 2 cups of dry food a day! Is this ok? if so I'm more than happy to let her eat away. Maybe I need a better food but Her food says it meets AAFCO levels of nutrition for all stages of cats... Any ideas?
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It's pretty common after birthing kittens. Most momcats stop eating 24 hours before the first kitten is due. If you know she isn't ill or infected with parasites, then feed her kitten chow and KMR she needs the nutrients to feed her hungry family.
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Oh thanks! I have KMR left from the kitty we tried to save bottle feeding (now it won't go to waste) I never thought about giving it to her. I don't know if she'll drink it though, she won't touch people food if you give it to her, maybe she'll want it pregnant though, it is definately worth a shot.
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Lactating mothers do eat an awful lot. I never limit mine. If her food is of a high quality then I wouldn't worry about how much she eats.
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Mom is eating less with KMR mixed in food, I still let her eat as much as she wants though... thanks guys !
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Never, ever limit a lactating mother's food intake unless the vet specifically advises it. She needs a ton of nutrition and her food needs will only increase as the kittens get bigger.

What food are you feeding her?
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Originally Posted by MommaLori
Maybe I need a better food but Her food says it meets AAFCO levels of nutrition for all stages of cats... Any ideas?
I suspect here is the answer. You have a good food but standard food for all ages. Yes?

Mothers need extra good foods. Kittens food of qood quality, as someone mentioned - is a good way here. - More of everything including fat.

In this way she wouldnt need so much standardfood to make up the deficiencies.

Anyway, good she has some way to make up the deficiencies - by eating much extra much.
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Oh, I haven't limited her, with the KMR she is just eating less (I mix it with her wet food). If she continues to eat concernedly more, I'll go to the vets and get her some kitten science diet or whatever he reccomends....
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