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Cat Training

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I need to train my cats to not go in the kitchen and to not get on certain furniture (If you are wondering why go see the thread "Hubby is Compromising" in the Cat Lounge). I know of all the techniques: water bottle, jar of marbles, citrus spray, double sided tape, throwing a rag by them (not at them) to startle them. My concern is do you use a variety of them or do you just stick to one? Do I use just one for everything, a different one for each thing or a variety of them no matter what?
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You use one and then if it doesn't work, you try another method. Just remember it takes a lot of persistance and patience on your part. You have to make sure and let them know it's not okay every time they do it. If you decide to try a squirt bottle, be careful as most of the time they associate the spray with you and may become afraid of you rather than the unwanted behavior.
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The water bottle and clapping have been my most effective weapons. Dani knows I'm really upset when the water bottle is pointed at her. She's crossed the line when she's actually squirted. Clapping and a stern calling of her name are usually enough to get her attention with the water bottle as backup deterrent.

But now we have a 24/7 active puppy and the clapping has been nearly nonstop for little 11-week-old Kashi. For a short while I had both of them jumping :P Now Dani realizes she's not the one in trouble most times.
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