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Meish was just called Blue when she was at the shelter.....

... they also told us she was a male....
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Buffy, Thomas, Cadbury and Blue all arrived as adults with names that they had had since kittenhood, so i didn't change them.

Tinga was named Princess when at the rescue, now we just call her Princess Tinga.
Robin was originally Dibbles. Kendra had been named Sally. I named Caleb several weeks before i got him from the rescue so he was always known as such.
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cookie - no name
oscar - no name but nicknamed fatty.
tiger - no name but nicknamed fatty bum bum. and little kitts
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Joey was CJ which I really hated.

Mystik was Que (Pronounced "Kaye")

and Marty was Brian Wilson
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I only changed one name and it was a girl cat and they had named her Forest... Now I call her Abby
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Jamie was "Tertius". He and his four litter mates were "numbered" by the foster family. Primus (actually "Prima", as she was the only female), Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, and Quintas. The foster family kept Secundus and Quartus, so they still have the same names. They later took in a dainty stray (male) who looks just like Jamie (standard tuxedo, or "Felix" type), but tinier, so "she" has been dubbed "Tertia". Quintus crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago, and "Prima" has been renamed, but I can't remember what she's called now.
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The only one of mine that came with a name was Gracie, formerly known as Shanainai. The two nuns who cared for her feral colony named her after a character on the TV show, Martin, who had a lot of attitude. They they thought the kitten did too! It's still her middle name.
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Meish was just called Blue when she was at the shelter.....

... they also told us she was a male....

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Joshua was named Bandit by his previous owners. Probably because of the "mask" over his eyes. But I thought he was too sweet to be a Bandit.

Kinah was named Trina by the shelter. Strange thing is, the similarity between her past name and current name is not on purpose.
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Let's see, we found CJ and Billy's litter, and we were gonna give them all away, so I didn't put a lot of thought into their first names... just what popped into my head. I called CJ "Blue" because she had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. Billy was actually taken by my brother and his wife, but their other cat had litterbox issues, and their dog didn't make it better, so they decided cats just weren't right. Their dog's name is Cleo, so they named Billy "Ceaser." When we got him back, we changed it to match the western theme. When CJ had her kitties, I didn't think I could keep them, either. But I put a little more though into the names, I must admit. I called Annie "Al" at first, because I thought she was a boy, and Al stood for "Albino." When I found out that he was a she, I changed it to "Elle," but when my father said I could keep her, I stuck with the western theme. Belle was named Mirah, because she was a little chunky, and loved attention, just like the cartoon character, Elmirah. Changed it to match with the western theme when my dad totally surprised me and said I could keep her. Belle Starr was perfect, because the actualy Belle Starr's name was Myra.
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Mabby was Named by us.....

Doofus was named by us...we have no clue if he had an original name

Emmet was named Emmet by his previous owner...But we kept it cause he looks like an Emmet.......

Poppy on the other hand, was named Sierra...She does not look like a Sierra, she never even acknowleged we thought, new better life, new better we named her Poppy........Plus I figured Stephs Sierra might get upset....
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Rocky was a shelter kitty, and the daughter of the foster mother called him "squeakers". It did sort of fit b/c his meows are very hi and squeaky, esp when he was younger. I must admit, I kind of thought it was dumb, plus I had a hamster when I was young named sneakers. We had already picked out the name Rocky anyway.

I don't know what Zakk's original owner called him. The co-worker of mine/ex landlord of her called him Hillside, b/c that's the name of the street of the apartment house.
My coworker who rescued the kittens was calling them "mouse" and "snuggles" My friend who is taking Jelly is calling them that b/c her cat is peanut. My coworker was about to insist she call him Butter. Suzie was just the little one until her name occured to me.
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Reilly has always been Reilly but my mom's cat Simmie used to be Buttons (that's when we thought she was a boy) and my mom's cat Honey used to be called Dolly.
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Cotton and Spike were Timon & Pumbaa. Cute but not really suited to them.

Cotton comes from the fact that he's all white and we passed a beautiful cotton field on the way home from picking him up, and my fiance named Spike after Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop.
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Lets see....Pumpkin was Pumpkin at the shelter. Mooch and Noodles weren't really named. They just went by Gray and Black. Bunny was named by her former owners and answers to it so I wanted to just change it to Hunny Bunny but we end up just calling her Bunny anyway! Tiger was my step-fathers before he married my mohter. Glory came from a cousin's litter and Tinsel I was too young to remember.
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Annabelle, Lucy, and Hazel didn't have names when we got them. Daisy was Trixie at the shelter. She is definately a Daisy.
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We named Much and Petunia as they didn't have names.

Carly was already named and we were too lazy to think of anything though she didn't really answer to it. She now does.

Lucy was named Paloma because she reminded the vet tech of a Picasso painting. Paloma was too big a mouthful for such a tiny kitten. Lucy matches her tortietude better.
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I got Savanna from the humane society. I have no clue what they called her. Everyone else I got off the streets!!!
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I'm not sure what Meow's name was at the Humane Society. That was a long time ago, and I was pretty young. Loki's name we didn't change.

Bella and her littermates either weren't named, or they couldn't decide which name belonged to which girlie. I think that one girl was named Spindles, and I can't remember the other name. None of the litter was particularly spindly, though. None of her adoption papers have a name on them, just an ID number.

And Rowan is a foundling.
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Shadows name at the shelter was kiwi....i thought it was to i changed it =0)
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I got all of my boys already named. nacho and Orion stayed what my brother and his gilfriend named them.

Poptart and Gordito were adopted from a rescue I worked for previously.. and we kept their names.. but I very rarely call them their name unless they are getting into something its usually just Poopie for Poptart and Gordy or Dordy for Gordito =)
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