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Cat licking lips

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It's been something like a month since Bitsy nearly died from her vaccines. It took her three weeks, but I thought she had finally recovered fully. Now I don't think so.

She licks her lips a lot. She threw up clear liquid today. She has a really slight tremor. Other than that, she is eating, drinking, peeing, pooing, snuggling, and playing normally. I don't think she jumps as high as she used to, and I don't think she has regained all of her weight.

She is a real sweet little kitty, sleeps under my covers, loves to cuddle and purr.

I know I'm going to have to get her checked again. This vet said she might have had a stroke. I think I'll ask a different vet. Tomorrow!

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
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I don't have much idea of what could be wrong with your little sweetie, but I just wanted to say that you're doing exactly what I would have done. It's good that you called the vet and are having her checked out. Poor thing...

Let us know what comes of it, ok? Here's sending and your guys' way!!
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I think your doing exactly the right thing by getting a 2nd opinion.

To me it sounds like your kittie is still weak from her reaction to the vaccination. The reason why she vomits, could be cos the food is too rich for her stomache at the moment. Try giving her chicken mixed with cooked rice. The reason why she's not jumping as high could be because she's still weak. And the tremour could be for the same reason. Not sure about the licking of the lips.

Hope the vet you next see can give you definate answers.
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Definitely see a (another) vet. From what you describe, it almost sounds like your little friend may have suffered some form of brain damage. I know no one wants to hear this, I mention this because it is a possibility, we have a little friend who is mentally disabled and we love her dearly. If possible, your Bitsy should be tested neurologically. If this is the case, there is probably very little which can be done aside from you being very much aware that your little friend has special needs. Please have a look at a posting which we have put up on this site for our little Lippy.
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Hi there, poor little kitty! Just wondering what do you mean by she nearly died? what happened to her?

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Usually when a cat licks it's lips, they are feeling sick to their stomachs. When you go to the vet again, you might want to request a cbc/chemistry blood test.
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OK she went into anaphylaxis right after her first adult cat vaccines. She was throwing up blood, pooping blood, went unconcious... it was awful. Then when she came home I had to force feed and water her and she had all kinds of meds and it was still awful for three weeks. Now it's been five or six weeks and she's like I described.

If she is disabled it's not too bad. I just want to know if there's something more I could be doing. I don't want her feeling poorly and not get helped.

I think we bonded more closely through all of this experience. She is almost always with me nowadays.

Here she is now. You can see where they shaved her arms for the IVs
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Poor sweet kitty.

Have you had a second opinion from another vet or at least some information from the first vet?

Or, do they have no idea why she is poorly?
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Poor kitty. I do really hope she is ok.
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Poor sweetie, she doesn't look at all happy. I would definitely get another opinion from another vet.

Does she drool during the licking? I ask this because I cannot see her mouth very well in the photo.
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Licking the lips can be a sign of nausea...which makes sence if you say poor Bitsy has been throwing up.....

Geeze poor Bitsy....I hope she gets well soon...I dont want to read anymore sick threads about her...ya know what I mean...shes been through soo much.......

2nd opinions are always a wise decision.......goood luck and good vibes to bitsy
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She is just so cute I really hope she's ok. Its sad when you get an animal that is sick or prone to sickness but its lovely to hear its bought the 2 of you closer. I hadnt heard about anyone, until now, having a bad reaction to vaccinations, but if she got through what she did then shes a tough cookie and fingers crosses she'll get over this.
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