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Rosa Parks has Passed Away

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She stood up for herself and changed the world.

Rest in Peace, sweet lady.
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How terrible!, a very sad day..she was a very strong brave woman.
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She did change the world, indeed, and will always be remembered.
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She will definately be missed. One "golden rule" is to leave this world a better place than when you entered. She did that and so much more.

Goodbye Rosa, and thank you.
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Her courage was unmatched in history- and people say one person can't change things
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She is a true inspiration to thoes of us here today who feel we're not 'big enough' or 'can't do enough' to change things in this world that need changing. She didn't let it stop her, we can do the same.
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She was great!!! I loved learning about her while growing up!!! She will be missed!!!
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She was such an amazing woman. Her legacy will live on as in inspiration and a call to action for a long time to come.
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Rest in Peace to one of the forebearers and greatest people that I had the pleasure of learning about in school. Rosa you were one of the greatest and will be sorely missed.
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I actually had no idea she was still alive, kind of dumb of me since it was only about half a century ago she stood her ground. A great lady.
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She was a remarkable woman, a remarkable human. RIP Rosa .
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Rest in peace Mrs. Parks
Your courage and that of all who followed your example is truly inspiring. You did what you thought was right and the world is a better place because of it.
In the hopes that your example will be followed, I will keep you in my thoughts. May you never be forgotten.
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She will definitely never be forgotten. Her courageous act changed the course of history.
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I have always admired Rosa Parks. She was a brave and intrepid soul who changed her own country and influenced and inspired others in other lands to struggle for human rights and dignity for everyone. A laudable legacy no matter how you cut it. RIP Ms Parks!! (or I should say Dr. - I believe she was awarded a number of honourary doctorates.)
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She really truly was a wonderful woman, and the world definatly would not be the same if she didn't stand up for herself that day. Rest in peace
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She was a very brave woman. Can you imagine how she felt when she stood up for herself? A bit scared, a bit proud, a bit over-whelmed, a bit powerful? What a wonderful person.

I just don't understand what this is doing in IMO?
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"Parks' body will lie in St. Paul AME Church on Saturday and Sunday, before being flown back to Detroit, Karen Dumas, a spokeswoman for the Parks' family and charitable foundation, said Tuesday night.

A viewing also is scheduled from 6 a.m. to midnight Nov. 1 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Dumas said, with a funeral service at 11 a.m. on Nov. 2 at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit."-WXYZ TV

I'll probably go down to the viewing on tuesday or go to the funeral on wednesday, it will be something to remember.
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I`ve always felt so proud of her!!!
Rest in peace sweet Rosa>
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