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cheap trip or recipe for a bad weekend?

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Ok, at this point I'm just posting here because it gives me an excuse not to be working on my essay.

Anyways, need your opinions on something. I was at the university today and I noticed that one of the student associations is organizing cheap weekend trips for students.
In the first weekend of November, they offer a trip to Boston for under $200 (including bus, accommodation and some meals). I'm not sure if I should consider going.
I love Boston and it would be great to spend a weekend there (especially for that price) but I am worried that I might just end up in the middle of a crowd of 20-year old who are just looking for a party. I mean... I like parties but not with strangers. Especially not with 20 year old strangers

If I went, I'd mostly be interested in seeing the city, I'd probably bring my books and study (I'm such a nerd!!) and maybe go out and relax.

Other problem is, I don't know if I can really afford it (in terms of money and in terms of taking time away from studying).

Any opinions?
Do any of you have experience with organized student trips? Are they more like a fairly quiet tour bus or a crazy party bus?
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I really would`nt have a clue...but whoever is organizing it out to be able to tell you something about it.
You could also ask around if any of the other students have gone on one of these trips and get their input.
If you go, I hope you have a great time.
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I thinking at that price you would be sharing a room??? Sharing with a stranger??? Who might want to party????
I enjoy Boston myself but if it was me I would worry about sharing a room-even though I did this on a gardening trip to England. How are you studies going now??? Boston isn't a cheap city to enjoy either!!!
If you really think you can afford it financially and find about the rooming options are good I would go and enjoy yourself. It might be a good break from your classes!!
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I personally much prefer NYC over Boston. I live right in the middle of both! I would say it depends on where you are staying- if it's with a person you don't know, that might be iffy. There is a bar scene in Boston- it sounds like you would want to avoid it. There are lots of museums and shopping and good restaurants. Just a warning- the T is not like the NY subway. It doesn't run all night. I found this out the hard way- I walked one night from Cambridge to Watertown! Plus I think boston is SOO confusing to get around. I dont know where you live now or if you have been to Boston before, but I'm offering up my 2 cents.
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