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Chiropractic question/frustration...

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So, 1 1/2 yrs ago I went to a chiropractor for the 1st time due to a very badly sore neck. she used the Gonstead method and fixed my neck almost instantly. But she said the core problem was my back, and started a process of adjusting my back. The vertebra kept sliding back to it's old bad spot, and even though by back has "always" been a bit sensitive, it wasn't really bothering me. However, from now on, every time she adjusted my back, I'd end up with a new kind of neck pain, which she said was due to the rest of the spine aligning and shifting. She kept wanting me back, I kept paying, and kept getting neck pains every time. At the end I'd had it, so I stopped going. She had said that even though I may get some pain in my neck, my back still needed to be taken care of. BUT: if my back felt "fine" and my neck now was good as long as she didn't do anything, why should I then go and have it adjusted in order to feel pain again????? I just didn't get it.

So, anyway, now my neck went bad again today, 1 1/2 yrs later, and I went and saw her again today. I'm a bit better, but will need to be seen again tomorrow because it's still not good at all. She said today that my back is really bad, I had several spots that needed adjustment. And I know she was at the right places, she found them without me telling her where they were. So she's not wrong about my back being bad, but I can now see her wanting me in over and over and over.... And her prices went up from $35 to $45 per visit... Not good for our finances right now, and our insurance doesn't cover a dime.

What do you think of all of this, good and bad???

I heard of another lady who supposedly uses a gentle way of adjusting, and the guy that recommended her said he'll go in for one or two adjustments if he gets a neck pain, and that's it. She charges only $27 per visit. I'm going to try her tomorrow...

I'm just so unsure about whether this is "normal" and if it is right, the way she is expecting me to be OK with new pain and keep coming back for more....

I'd LOOOVE your thoughts on this!
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Terese, the biggest issue really is whether or not you feel comfortable with your doctor. Anyone in that position of trust should be TRUSTED by you. It sure doesn't sound like you trust her, it sounds like you think she's just trying to get a whole lot of money from you. She may or may not be, but if that's how you feel you'll never trust her diagnosis of you.

My suggestion is to find another chiropractor you like and you feel is being honest with you. Even if the new one tells you the same thing in a different way, as long as you are comfortable with them that is very important.

Growing up, my parents basically taught me to never trust chiropractors because they were always pushing more and more stuff - vitamins, supplements, etc. I believed it until we met my husband's current chiropractor. He's awesome and never pushes anything he doesn't really think you need. I guess what I'm saying is that there are good and bad in every profession, and even amongst the good there are some you feel better with than others. Find the one who works with your needs.
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I had an issue similiar to yours. I stopped going and I started to feel better. It helped for me to go to a neuromuscular masoose every few weeks. Then i went to another chiropractor that was recommended by my masoose. What a difference!! This guy is MUCH better than the chiropractor I had. I suggest you get a 2nd opinion!
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There are a series of gentle exercises that I have found helpful for my back pain, and I recommend the book to many of my clients. (I am a massage therapist) The book is called Somatics by Thomas Hannah. It explains postural deviations and how they come to be, how our bodies hold them, and what to do about them. You do not have to be a massage therapist or health care pro to understand it, and the exercises are low impact. Most of them are done lying on the bed or floor. I think Amazon.com has it.
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