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I'm so upset!

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I just got home from my 12 yr old son's last football game of the season and it was going great and then our team's quarterback got hit really hard on a sack and didn't get back up again. I heard the coach yell "Someone call 911!" so I did and ran out to look at the boy so I could tell the 911 attendant what we needed the ambulance for and this poor little guy's femur broke in half and his femur was in a "V" position with the bottom half of his femur bent upward. It is the worst break I've ever seen on anyone. Please send some vibes that they can fix this kid's leg. He's a friend of mine son's and one of the nicest kids you'd ever know.
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Ouch Vibes on the way!!!
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OMG! How awful! The poor kid must've been in so much pain.

Lot's of {{vibes}} for a speedy recovery from me!
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Prayers for the little boy. I hope he will be okay.
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Oh no! God bless this boy!
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Poor thing! Definate vibes for him, I will keep him in my thoughts. Let us know when you find anything out!
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I'm sure they can fix it but geez ... used to they had to put femur breaks in traction (don't know if they still do...)

Best vibes!
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Oh that poor little boy- the pain he must be in . Definitely sending some {{{{get well}}}} vibes his way.
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Oh that poor kid!, sending many healing vibes his way.
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Last game of the season! That poor kid! Did the other player do it intentionally, or was it by accident (in your opinion?) if it was by accident then that poor kid must feel terrible as well. Lots of positive vibes all around. Poor parents, poor other kids parents, poor kids, just all around an unhappy time.
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Prayers for a full recovery, so that next season he can play football again (if he wants to). Poor little guy.
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Wow, poor little guy. Sending healing vibes in his direction.
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Ryan is still in the hospital but might get to go home tomorrow. They did immediate surgery last night and put an external rod on his leg to hold the bones in place with screws at each end of his femur bone. He's still in a lot of pain and is terrified of riding in a car to get back home. I feel so bad for him. We took him some DVD's to watch, a couple of magazines, candy, and a Rubik's Cube. That poor kid!

As far as if the other player did this on purpose....no, he was just trying to make the sack and did not mean to hurt him and he was in tears also when he found out that he broke Ryan's femur in half when he landed on him. I personally don't think they should let a 200 lb. 7th garder be in a position of tackling when most of the other players are half that size or less.....there's no reason they couldn't have that guy be a blocker instead. JMHO
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