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Anybody here a fan of the TV show Roswell? I'm a huge fan and was wondering if maybe any of you might be. Right now it is in it's third season and UPN hasn't renewed it for a fourth. There are a couple of web sites where you can go vote that UPN not cancel the show.

The first season of Roswell was awesome, then the second season they got some new writers and the season got really difficult to follow and a little hoaxy at times. Now the third season started out like it was going to be the same but the last half of the episodes so far have done a complete spin and it's just as awesome as the first season. Last nights episode was the best I have seen since the first season and shows promise that they could make the story lines appealing again.

Anyhow, if any of you guys are fans I can e-mail you the links where you can vote for the show not to be canceled. From one of the voting sites I couldn't believe the number of TV shows that haven't been approved for another season. Here are a couple of those shows: Felicity, Charmed, Third Watch, Law and Order SVU & CI, and many more.

Also, I just learned that UPN was bought out by CBS!
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I know this may seem insignificant but it's probably one of the few shows that I actually hate to miss. I know some people aren't like that about tv but I really enjoy being able to relax and watch something that I really like.
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I don't watch Roswell, but I'm addicted to many, many other shows! I do watch Buffy which is on right before Roswell.
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I don't watch that one either...but I know what you mean about being addicted to TV shows, and likeing to have a few that are good to sit down and relax and enjoy!!!
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