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I'm so relieved!! THanks!

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The board magic has been fab - I got an all clear! After 8 weeks of agonizing, I can put my mind at rest - thankyou everyone for the support
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That is great news.
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That is so wonderful to hear!
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Great to hear that!
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Oh, Emma! That's wonderful! What a relief for you.
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You must be so relieved! Great news
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I'm so pleased for you, Emma!

The relief must be so welcome after such a wait!
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That's wonderful news!!
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What great news Emma! Time to celebrate!
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Way to go!!!!
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Thanks so much! Wow, I really didn't know waht to think! I'm still walking on air at the moment - it was weighing so heavily on my mind for so long, I slept SO well last night, now that it's all over. Of course, they still don't know what the lump is, but as long as the smear came back normal, it won't be anything to worry over. They said they'd check it out again if I get pregnant (but I can't see that being for a helluva long time - if ever!) so it's all good. I know I say this a lot, but you uys really are the best!
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