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Answers on a postcard...

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Or just add a comment...

We have decided to get with another kitten....


He is currently 4 weeks old and we can have him at 7-8 weeks old.

What shall we call him?

We have agreed that we will have no soppy names or disney characters, but bear in mind that we already have two cats already and they are -

Sooty - Female black cat
Gaffa - Male black cat

The kitten is a tabby cat and male, so over to the wonderfull internet for your suggestions...

Lets have em!

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Link to very shaky phone cam picture added....
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George - name him George (see signature below)!

What an adorable little boy he is. We hope that you will be able to post pics of him when you bring him home.
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Tobias, Harvey, Pauly, Tristin, Colby, Tommy, Calvin, Wyatt,

although smartest male cat I had (he died a few years back) was a tabby named Harley..... although we did nickname him spaz LOL he could open doors and do all kinds of tricks..... He was an awesome cat!
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Thanks for all the suggestions...

Please keep them coming!!!!
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Your little sweetie is adorable! Tabby male will always mean "Gryphon" to me -- our RB boy would let you have his name.
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Awe... what a sweet little kitty he is.

I always try and name my cats something unusual.

What about Angel or Furbie
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Such a precious baby! Welcome to the family, little one!
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Oh! I LOVE your baby! (I have a real heart for a gray tabby anyhow....but this little ones make my fingers itch to touch!)
What about the name Kirby?
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When I seen him I think either chance or jonathan (you could call him john or johnny for short). I dont know why I think that, it just comes to mind.
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Ok so we have come up with three names....


Any more?
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I really like Leo!

But I'm kinda partial to MAX too!
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Max or Milo.
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