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Questions about kitten

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I have been wondering a few things about my kitty and was hoping someone out there may know the answers.

Jinxy is a 10 month old, neutered, silver Persian.

He never rubs against me or anything else in our home,like other cats I have had. He also does not respond to rubbing his temples like other cats. At first I figured it was becasue he is just a kitten, but he is almost a year old, so I was wondering if this is unusual.

He also has an obsession with paper. He absolutely LOVES laying and sleeping on newspapers, magazines and the mail. Any ideas why? It's not a problem, I'm just wondering why.

Lastly, he is so cute and irresistible that I love to kiss the little guy. He usually puts his paws up to my face so I cant do it. Sometimes he seems to like it though. My question is do cats like to be kissed? Do they know what we are doing when we kiss them? Or am I just annoying the heck out of the little fella and should stop?

He is a great kitty and I love him to pieces!!!

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Although all cats have some similarities because it's what makes them cats, they also have different personalities (like the little people that we think they are ).
Maybe your kitty doesn't feel the need to 'mark his territory' - which is what they're doing when they rub against objects (and people ).
My cat is also a paper lover. He will actually go out of his way to lie on the newspaper or on mail that might be laying around. I'm wondering if it's the coolness of the paper or the smell of it (maybe the ink) . He doesn't usually chew or tear the paper (a friend's cat will shred any paper in sight)...he just likes to be near it.
As for the kissing, it *is* hard to resist nuzzling cute kitties. When I hug and nuzzle my cat, I always tell him that he's such a 'tormented' cat - ha ha. Actually, he seems to be ok with the attention. However, there are some cat's that do not like to be touched on the face.
So, now that you know the personality quirks of your cat, you can work with them. BTW, it sounds like maybe you have a mellow cat like I do. There are other cats out there who would do more than put their paws up to your face when you pull them in close .
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We had two cats for 10 years and they were both always rubbing against us or rubbing against objects. Since the death of our other cat last August, Snowball has shown this behavior much less frequently. Cats must have to feel a need to mark their territory, like Vikki mentioned.

I have heard that cats like the crinkling sound newspaper makes because it is similar to the scurrying sounds of their prey. And this is supposed to be the reason cats like to lay on newspapers.
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Lorie, I hadn't heard the theory that the crinkling of paper sounds like the scurrying of prey. That's interesting. Maybe this is why my friend's cat tears all papers to shreds. And, perhaps this means that Guimauve just wants a little mouse friend to take naps with . I should check to see if his kitty dreams are more active when he's lying on paper (since he might think he's captured something good ).
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I don't have a Persian but my cat's behavior was very similar. She is now 14 months old. Until at least a year of age she did not enjoy having her ears rubbed. Now she loves it! Likes to have me rub an ear and while I do it she presses her nose up in the palm of my hand & purrs like crazy. She also rarely purred until after a year old.
Thought she was never going to purr & was so disappointed since I love to hear kitty purrs.
So don't give up. My cat's personality has changed a great deal, all for the good, from when she was 10 months old.
Will be interesting to hear how your kitty changes over time.
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Our kitty Snuggles loves to be kissed. My husband and him have a routine everyday. Snuggles will walk slowly against the floor as my hisband crawls over him....every few seconds he will raise his head up and look back so my husband can kiss his forehead. it is so adorable. I think he would be sooo disappointed if he didn't get kissed.
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Thanks everyone for all of your very informative and helpful responses. Especially the one about how he may change after he is a year old. Not that I want him to change, because he is "purrfect." But he also does not purr very often, which is disappointing, except when I pet him in his sleep, then he purrs like crazy!!! He is a very mellow kitty. I am very lucky. He is playful, but not a maniac, and he is so sweet and loves to be held. What more could I ever want??? The paper thing is very cute. If I ever want him to come up on the bed and hang out with us, all I have to do is show him a newspaper and put it on the bed and up he comes and lays down on it immediately. And I am very pleased that no one said that I should stop kissing him, because I homestly dont think I could. I just hope he knows what it means. My husband thinks he is just being playful when he put his paws up to my face. He only does that sometimes. It's actually really cute too!!!

I really appreciate your input. Thanks again. Please feel free to continue if you have anything else to add.
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My kitty Duvet gets kissed regularly. He has started putting his lips up to mine and then making a short, sharp "Ma" sound, similar to the smoochy sound I make when I kiss him. It is darn cute. He also will sometimes softly stroke my face with his paws, like he's petting me. I don't think he's pushing me away, as there is no pushing involved, just a soft smoothing kind of motion.
My other cat though, The Emperor Charlemagne, does not like to be kissed. He turns his head away every time.
I guess some cats are kissy, and some are not, just like people.
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Romeo used to LOVE paper - any paper - if you were reading it, he'd lay on it. If you were wrapping presents - he would want to be wrapped in it. If you had a bag on the ground - he was on it. Absolutely could not put any kind of paper anywhere without him laying on it or clawing it into a gazillion pieces (not funny when it was my bills) Damn, still miss him

Christmas was not fun with the paper lover around. :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I was justwrapping some presents this week-end and Jinxy was all over it!!! Guess I'm not the only one with a kitty with a paper obsession!!
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Nope...my girl loves paper too...the noisier, the better!
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Trent loves paper, too! Especially the wrapping paper at Christmas. He isn't much interested in sleeping on it, just ripping it to shreds.

Trent gets tons of kisses from me cuz he never said I couldn't! He also gives us kisses. He puts his lips to mine, closes his eyes, and holds it there for a few moments. When he's done I always tell him thank you and give him a little kiss on the head.

Ophelia is NOT a kissing kitty! She doesn't like our faces that close to her. She's a little clausterphobic, :paranoid2: understandable since she was trapped between walls at about 5-6 weeks old! I still try to sneak kisses on her, and she is starting to tolerate it.
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Fitz likes paper too, especially if I'm reading it--He'll come up to me and sit right in the middle of my book and acts like I'm offending him when I try to move him.
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LOL!! Jinxy does that too. I slide the newspaper right out from under him and he gets so upset with me. He gets up and jumps off the bed. He never shreds it and I dont think its the sound of it that attracts him, he just loves to lay on it!!! I guess its just a cat thing. I've also decided that he must like being kissed even though he puts his paws up to my face. He does it gently with the cutest look on his face, but it's not like he tries to get away. I must kiss him 1,000 time during the nightwhen we sleep and he seems to enjoy it, so I'm just gonna continue.
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He may think that the "no kisses" paw thing is a game. I knew a kitten once who did that, and it was the cutest little game. You would definitely know if he really didn't like it. Ophelia would give me death looks and run away when I tried to kiss her.
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Yes, my husband thinks its a game too. I tend to think he is right about that the more I think about it and play with him. He's such a cutie!!
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