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Cat drooling ?

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Is it normal for a cat to drool? it like looks like she's foaming at the mouth
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No Its not at all normal. Has she gotten into anything poision? Any type of Chemicals? Cleaning products. I would keep a close eye on her and if she contimues to drool and foam or act ill. get her to a vet ASAP!
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My cat drools a little when he's sleeping, but it never looks foamy or excessive.
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Get your kitty to the Vet now! Right now!
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I agree with Dawnofsierra about taking your kitty to the vet!! I will share this with you and hope this is all that is wrong. I found a cat who had heavy drool coming out of her mouth and I took her to my vet. The vet first thought it was a bad tooth...but it turned out to be a chemical burn...someone had sprayed a chemical on that poor cat. Hopefully your cat's problem is ONLY a bad tooth
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Don't wait. I noticed my cat, Max, drooling. I didn't know anything was wrong with him. But he was in kidney failure. I called the vet's office and they told me he was probably too hot. They thought that because he was also panting and vomiting. And they told me put him inside and cool him down. The next day I took him to the dr. I wish I had taken him when I found him, but I was following their advice. My cat lived from Friday until Monday. He got worse and we felt we had to let him go. I learned from my experience. When you notice ANYTHING AT ALL out of the ordinary about your cat, don't take ANY chances. GET IT TO THE VET ASAP. Lord, how I wish I had done that with Max. So go now, take your cat to the dr.
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I would get it checked out right away too! It could also be a bad tooth???
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Well i called the vet, and they said to keep an eye on her.. She stopped her drooling which is good.. They think it might of been just stressed..
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I've had a kitty drool when she was VERY VERY happy (like while I was petting her and as she fell asleep), but not just in walking around. If kitty looks like he/she's foaming at the mouth, I would take him/her in.
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I am not trying to frighten you. However that is the same advice my vet gave me. They had no way to know he was already in kidney failure. Drooling can be a symptom of some very serious problems, kidney failure being maybe the most serious.
Drooling happens when a cats system in poisoned somehow and that causes the kidneys to get in trouble or shut down. Also someone else mentioned a tooth problem.
It is not possible for the vet to know the problem unless they see the cat and do a check, maybe look in its mouth and do a blood panel to check kidney function. If you saw very much drooling, I think you could be taking a chance with your cat to wait.
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Oliver will drool when he gets ear, chin and face scritchies but no to the point where he looks like he's foaming at the mouth! (ie: not like bad horror movie rabies dog, lol)... anything excessive should definitely involve contacting the vet!
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Prego also drools when he's getting petted. The vet said that was ok.

But I don't think foaming is normal.....
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