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I need to know about females "heat"

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i know it is when ur female cat is basically on their period but i do not know how long it last how often it happens if i can get any help that would be awesome
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Being in heat is the opposite from our menstrual cycle, mainly because a cat in heat is fertile and needs a mate at that time. It can last anything from a few days to a week or more, and if she is not bred or spayed she will continue going into heat, with all the symptoms of calling, trying to get out, and displaying herself with her rump in the air. It is very uncomfortable for the cat, let alone the risk of becoming pregnant, so it is best if every female who is not part of a breeding programme is spayed before her first oestrus or heat, which can take place as early as five months old.
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It will happen more often then you can stand trust me, the constant meowing, the butt rubbing and stuck up in the air and the determination to get outside to mate will drive you crazy!

It is different for all cats and can come and go fairly often, every few weeks is how my mom's cat was at first. But females can get pregnant ANY TIME not just while in heat, so you can't let her outside or near any male cats 4-5 months or older because they can get her pregnant.

If you don't mind me asking, is she going to get spayed? I hope so, if you do it BEFORE her first heat cycle then is greatly reduces her risk of all kinds of disease including cancer...so please spay her! If money is an issue, tell me your zip code and I can help you find a low cost clinic near you.
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A female cat can stay in a heat cycle for a number of days at a time and can cycle every 2-3 weeks and this can go on virtually year-round. It will seem like she is always in heat. Not only is there an increased risk of pregnancy, but repeated heat cycles can cause all sorts of internal problems for the female cat. You will end up attracting lots of male cats around your place and she will probably try to get out to them. You will hear this often in this thread...so Ill be the first of many here who will tell you the same thing. Get your cat spayed as soon as you can
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it is actually my brothers cat and i have been telling him to spay her but he wants my parents to pay for it because he is living with his buddy in turlock california can try to find low cost spayeding in 95687 zip code i would appriciate it
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